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  • Astrology View - The September 16th 2016 Lunar Eclipse

    General Aspects Of TheSeptember 16th 2016 Lunar Eclipse A Lunar Eclipse will occur on September 16 2016 at 24˚20” Pisces. This Lunar Eclipse is type A, which makes it a Penumbral Eclipse, where the Moon enters only the penumbra of the Earth. In this article I will briefly analyze the astrological influences of this event. However, before going into details, I will point some

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    The Solar Eclipse On September 1st 2016

      The Solar Eclipse on September 1st 2016, will occur at 9 degrees and 21 minutes in Virgo sign. This is a type of Solar eclipse A, which means an annual “total”, but the Moon is to far from the Earth for the apex of its shadow to reach the Earth’s surface. Therefore, the Moon will not entirely hide the Sun so a narrow ring of light will surround the dark new Moon. In other

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