On June 13th 2018 there is a New Moon in Gemini (22˚44”) that may theoretically give us an opportunity to plant a new seed, an intellectual one that may involve negotiation. Also, Mercury it will be in Cancer.

However, during June 13th Mercury, the ruler of this New Moon will be in a perfect aspect/square with Chiron. This aspect simply can’t be ignored. The new intellectual energy that is created during this day may cause some tensions, thoughts uneasy to deal with, even pain or frustration.

In top of this, on the same day, June 13th, Mars will conjunct SN (9˚ Aquarius) and it will opposite NN (9˚ Leo). This is another strong indicator for June 2018 and the next few months.

Going forward, at the end of this month, on June 26th Mars will turn retrograde. So even if everything seems to go well at a global political level, the idea of healing our “world soul”, in my view, it’s not reflected in the astrological configuration. Mercury square Chiron symbolically indicate hard intellectual work; it may request a different intellectual strategy or it could be necessary to have a major turning point.

Then, Mars activating the Nodal Axis may have something unpredictable to show. As a first step, Mars being in Aquarius and conjunct the South Nord, could redirect our energy in the past, to old conflicts; involving in some way the humanity, a large group of people. At the individual level you will remember what actions you took and have been unhappy with, and now you may think how to make things better. Do you have an old conflict caused by someone who acts as your leader, someone with a big ego, even someone acting violent around you? At a global level, everything that involves army, military, leaders of such of institutions could be an important subject.

Starting with June 26th Mars goes retrograde (9˚12.8” Aquarius). Mars goes retrograde, a time when our energy could drive us towards our past. Mars retrograde could be delicate, because is doesn’t show patience and more than that it emphasizes courage to act, to fight, to lead. Some of us, could channel this courage in harmful ways, so mistakes could be made easily, mistakes that could be interpreted as accidents. Mars being in Aquarius, could bring very unusual accidents. Being retrograde it will go back to Capricorn, and some old patterns or old ways of manifesting could be brought again into our attention.

Additionally, I personally don’t recommend having surgery during Mars retrograde, only if is absolutely necessary.

All in all, Mars will be retrograde until August 26th when it will reach 28˚38”Capricorn. Check your natal chart to see where do you have this degree: 9˚ 12.8” Aquarius – 28˚38”Capricorn.

Very interesting is that, on the same day when Mars turns direct, on August 26th 2018 there is a Full Moon (3˚12” Pisces). So this day of August could have an important signification for us.


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