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    Solar eclipse

    The Solar Eclipse on September 1st 2016, will occur at 9 degrees and 21 minutes in Virgo sign. This is a type of Solar eclipse A, which means an annual “total”, but the Moon is to far from the Earth for the apex of its shadow to reach the Earth’s surface. Therefore, the Moon will not entirely hide the Sun so a narrow ring of light will surround the dark new Moon.

    In other words, a Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon stands between the Sun and Earth, cutting off the light of the Sun. Therefore, any eclipse is a significant event in the Heavens. Like any New Moon, a Solar Eclipse represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. The strongest and most important aspect in all of astrology is the Sun conjunct Moon.

    Generalities About Eclipses:

    Eclipses repeat in nearly the exact degree and sign every nineteen years.

    With some exceptions, during one year we have 4 Eclipses, which will fall in the same degree, sign, and precise day as those that came nineteen years earlier.

    Then,  you should know that eclipses always arrive in pairs, coinciding with New Moon and Full Moon, respectively as Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse. Also, they will occur on the same axis, respectively in opposite signs. For instance: the next Solar Eclipse on September 1st 2016 will be in Virgo sign, and on September 16 2016 will be the Lunar Eclipse in Pisces Sign (the opposite signs, but same axis).

    Eclipse is a brilliant illuminator, revealing the truth about a condition that you never knew existed. Symbolically, it will bring up some truth, it will highlight some subject, and it will emphasize a specific zone of your life. Practically the Universe will open new perspective to see things; it will determine us to move forward, to evolve, to take a progressive step in order to develop our future in a positive way.

    Actually, any Eclipse often brings a major change in our life, which may came suddenly, bringing something new to us, that may change our perception regarding to a specific aria. As result, it may mark a major turning point. Despite this, symbolically, Eclipses can help us to do things that we never thought you could do it. In other worlds, Solar Eclipses tend to create new beginnings and bring new opportunities, highlighting new possibilities you may never think about.

    However, even if the Solar Eclipse is known as being powerful, it may symbolically affect just those who have natal planets in very close degree to the degree where the Eclipse will fall (I personally use just 2˚.5’’). Where does that fall in your chart? What type of news might you expect?

    For this reason it will be crucial to know your natal chart, the position of your natal planets, or at least the Ascendant. (If you don’t know your natal chart you can search online for free natal chart, or you can sent me an email, and I will generate a natal chart for you).

    Again, an Eclipse emphasizes a specific zone of our life, and for this reason we need to pay a lot of attention to that area of life. During the Eclipse, you will understand where you may need to change something. You will have a full picture of the situation and you will comprehend what means to you, and ultimately, you will know what to do next.

    This change may come based of the truth that has been revealed to you during the Eclipse. No matter how the information comes to you, it can set off a chain of events that will force you to see things in a new light. Eclipse wants you to have a new experience.

    Also, during the Eclipse you may feel that the life moves fast and you may like to act promptly, to accelerate things. Then, you may not feel the need keep things inside, even though you planned to do so. You may have temptation to reveal a secret relating to that subject, or that area of life.

    Nevertheless, you may want to pay special attention to the sign of the eclipse and in what houses and degree it falls. This Eclipse will fall in Virgo sign. Symbolically affecting people born with personal planets and points at approximately 4 to 14 degrees of the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) most significantly. However, this Total Solar Eclipse wants us to become more realistic with the decisions we will take, more practical, more flexible, eventually to look for a constructive role in the material world.

    The Solar Eclipse In Virgo Sign

    In order to understand better the message, the idea we will receive during this Eclipse, it will be very important to know more details about Virgo Sign.

    Virgo is earth – mutable sign, which has yin energy. As keywords, Virgo is methodical, receptive, analytic, critical, good in details, practical, materialistic, good as a server, good in numbers. However, Mercury rules the Virgo sign, and will give Virgo lightness of touch and movement, and a strong mental dexterity. Also, Mercury will be retrograde during the Eclipse. As result there is a contradiction between Solar Eclipse and Mercury. The Solar Eclipse symbolically stimulates us to move fast forward, just forward. On the other way, Mercury being retrograde in his own sign at that time, practically may determine us to go back and reanalyze some old messages, contracts, ideas, re-negotiation, re-thinking, in un-emotional manner, depends where the Eclipse falls in each individual chart.

    Symbolically, this Solar Eclipse On September 1st 2016 can clarify some old ideas; messages we have received it or perceived it in error, or which could be misunderstand. The clarification could represent the truth, and when Mercury will go direct (Sept 21) we will be able to see the results. In other worlds, an important piece of information is giving to you accidentally, information that can change you or an important zone of your life.

    The Solar Eclipse Influence Thru Ascendants

    However, how practically the Solar Eclipse On September 1st 2016 will affect each of us depends of each personal natal chart. Also, to know what area of your life will be emphasized, you must know your Ascendant sign. If you don’t know your Ascendant sign, than you can contact me, or you can search online for a free natal chart.

    I will briefly analyze each sign, base of the Ascendant, in order for you to get an idea, what you can expect during this Solar Eclipse

    Aries Ascendant

    If you have the Ascendant in Aries it means the Solar Eclipse on September 1st 2016  will fall in your 6th house, associated with the routines of the physical world: duty, work, health, service.

    The Solar Eclipse will highlight some aspects of your everyday routine, including work and health. You may have that drive to analyze several aspects of your day-by-day rhythm, what techniques you use, what you work with, how you work, how you communicate to your co-workers.

    You may have a new job opportunity; promotion at work, or you may suddenly pay attention to your health, diet, being critical to your own weight. Perhaps you may want to start a new diet program, or new treatment if you have healthy issues.

    In the same way, you may have or you may meet a new colleague at work, new boss, who then may link you to other important events, changes and progress during the time. However, this seems to be a man figure, because the solar eclipse is masculine, being associated to fathers, brothers, and boss.

    Additionally, the ruler of your chart Mars will give you more clues about the way you will drive to the new opportunity; the speed you will get, and what kind of attitude you will have.

    Taurus Ascendant

    If you have the Ascendant in Taurus it means the Solar Eclipse on September 1st 2016  will fall in your 5th house, the house of your self-expression, love affairs, matters of the heart, talents, hobbies, creativity, children, recreation, pleasure, lovers, romance, what we enjoy. During this Solar Eclipse you may become more analytical in the way you spend your time. As a first influence, this eclipse can show you that you are capable of much more than you assumed. This could be a time to give birth to one of your talents, actually to grow it, to improve it, in other worlds to develop and expose it. For instance starting your own business, writing a book, meet a new boyfriend, conceiving a baby, get the news you will become a parent.

    Additionally, the ruler of your chart Venus will cooperate to your new way of self-expression.

    Gemini Ascendant

    If you have the Ascendant in Gemini, it means the Solar Eclipse on September 1st 2016 will fall in your 4th house, associated with home, parental home, family, the roots of our life, residence, inner base, private life, foundation of your own soul. Perhaps you will be determined to go deep inside of your own soul, and you may highlight everything what you like or what you don’t like. It’s possible to approach different life principles. This Solar eclipse may show the time when you suddenly may have to move because you get an opportunity in other city. In other way, you may change your principles regarding family; you may sale or buy a home.

    Mercury is the ruler of your chart, and it will emphasize the importance of having good communication with family members. Also, it can require double check of any papers, I mean taking into account any contract regarding home.

    Cancer Ascendant

    If you have the Ascendant in Cancer, it means Solar Eclipse on September 1st 2016 will fall in your 3th house, associated with your close environment, your communication, knowledge, education, short trip, speech, neighbors, siblings, brothers, sisters, cousins, grandparents, schoolmates. The Eclipse may bring you a new way/ new method of dealing to all above. Also, depends of your circumstances you may have to take a short trip for a new experience, or the Eclipse may mark the start of your course, in order to gain new knowledge. However, the Solar Eclipse will stimulate your mental processes and interests. It will color your communication and it will emphasize your language, words you use. Actually, during this Eclipse time you may have option to make changes up ahead, for your progress. Nevertheless, you may notice things about your siblings, schoolmate, etc., things you never knew before about them.

    Leo Ascendant

    If you have the Ascendant in Leo, it means the Solar Eclipse on September 1st 2016 will fall in your 2th house, associated with your personal resources: finances, possessions, income, self-worth, financial growth, money, value. During this eclipse you might analyze very realistically your financial situation. It might highlight issues around your sense of worth. Furthermore, you may want to get more details regarding the way you gain and spend money. This will be the time when your financial zone it will be emphasized, even if you need to take action to gain more resource, or if you like to be just aware of the financial status. However, you might have an opportunity to improve your financial situation, or to get a new idea how to increase your income. In the same manner you may want to analyze every possibilities in order to become more secure in this way.

    Virgo Ascendant

    If you have the Ascendant in Virgo, it means the Solar Eclipse on September 1st 2016 will fall in your 1th house, associated with your personal vitality, your body, your beginnings, your inner power. You may feel this eclipse very powerfully because the ruler of your chart is in Virgo, and being retrograde it will emphasize the importance of “you”, “self”. You can become confused, realizing that you have to change yourself, or the way you approach to material world, but you may be reserved because the new perspective is unknown to you. Symbolically, the eclipse may reset your idea about life. It can bring totally a different experience, different view about life, new life beginnings. It’s possible to change your way of being. However, Virgo sign is mutable and you seem to have enough flexibility and adaptability to move ahead.

    Libra Ascendant

    If you have the Ascendant in Libra, it means the Solar Eclipse On September 1st 2016 will fall in your 12th house, associated with the desire to retreat or escape: institutions, hospitals, monasteries, sorrow, self-undoing, things you like to keep just for yourself. It’s universal house, and sometimes has to do with secret information. Symbolically, the Eclipse can bright out some truth that maybe will force you to see things in a new light. Even if you are socked or surprised by the information that comes to you, the Universe want you to sit up for you, to pay attention, and eventually taking action. You may enjoy what you discovered deep in your subconscious.

    Additionally, Venus, the ruler of your chart, will set up some values for you, and will cooperate with your new beginning.

    Scorpio Ascendant

    If you have the Ascendant in Scorpio, it means the Solar Eclipse On September 1st 2016 will fall in your 11th house, associated with relationship to groups and with the collective, social cycle, social cause, commune hopes and wishes, ideals and ideology. Our social conscience, and our humanitarian concerns will be described here.

    During the Eclipse you may get a clear idea about your true friendship, I will give you an example. Let say on Sept 1 you have to go to a party organized by your social group, people you make futures plan with, projects to develop, having common ideals, dreams, and same social interest. You have been to similar parties many times before, and you have already the idea how it will be there, in other worlds you know what to expect. However, this time you may be more analytical, you may have questions before your participation, questions regarding people, place, etc. When you will get to the party, let say you will suddenly turn on the light, to see clearly the entire room, who is there, what friends are present, and eventually who is new to your social cycle; do you know all of them? When you will open the light you will notice everything. This time, you will notice trusted friends, and you will notice some friends that may not be what you thought they were or mean to you. In the same way you may think about new social projects, social causes, what common dreams you have to cut off, and what project you may want to materialize, make them real.

    Because the ruler of your chart is Mars, you will be determined to act promptly, to cut out project you thinks are not enough deep for you, you may cut friend from your social cycle.

    Sagittarius Ascendant

    If you have the Ascendant in Sagittarius, it means the Solar Eclipse On September 1st 2016 will fall in your 10th house, associated with worldly position and responsibility: career, profession, public image, authority figures, parents (mother). During this time you may become more analytical to your career. Is your career bring enough freedom and satisfaction to your? You could experience some limitation earlier, because Saturn is in Sagittarius, transiting your 10th house. Now you have big possibilities to open your mind and pay attention to any new opportunities. You may get a new career, or you may meet someone who is CEO and he/she will propos a new job.

    Additionally this could be the time when you will leave your fears regarding your career, what others can thing about you. Also, this Solar Eclipse may bring you an opportunity to be exposed in outside world, moreover, to shine in the public, to show your ideas or your knowledge to a large public.

    Capricorn Ascendant

    If you have the Ascendant in Capricorn, it means the Solar Eclipse On September 1st 2016 will fall in your 9th house, associated with exploration of unfamiliar territory: higher learning, religion, philosophy, travel and foreign countries, everything which is connected to the law. This Eclipse symbolically might bring a college graduation, or it may mark the start of your course of study. However, it may connect you to the practical results. Also, you may want to have a long-distance travel, vacation to a country you never think about it, or you know that it exist. On the other way it might bring clarity to important legal papers, for instance passport, visa, anything connected to the law. For some of you, this Eclipse might bring a new perspective to see the world’s reality; to understand the meaning of religions, philosophy, the influence of politics nowadays.

    Aquarius Ascendant

    If you have the Ascendant in Aquarius, it mean the Solar Eclipse On September 1st 2016 will fall in your 8th house, associated with ‘hidden’ relationship to the others: emotional bonds, joint finances or money belonging to others, heritage, taxes, loans, debts, death, crisis, corporation. This Total Solar Eclipse may highlight some aspects of your heritage, or any commune resource. Usually you may show inflexibility to a new change, however, this time could mean a good time to make a strategy, analyzing your steps before any association. You may be more productive this time or be more likely to making money in connection to others, to increase the common income. Symbolically, the Eclipse might bring a new association, or an opportunity in this direction, even an opportunity to work in a big corporation. On the other way it’s possible that this Eclipse may bring unexpected news, some new information. However it will be, you may perceive it unclearly because Mercury, the ruler of your 8th house is retrograde. And during retrogration we tend to misunderstand things, or not have good communication to others. Additionally, Uranus, the ruler of your chart will always bring change in a positive direction in order for you to progress.

    Pisces Ascendant

    If you have the Ascendant in Pisces, it means the Solar Eclipse On September 1st 2016 will fall in your 7th house, house associated with ‘open’ relationship to the other: marriage, contractual relationships, projections, litigation. This is the house of life-partner (husband), business partner, and anything relating to him. This Solar Eclipse may bring significant news, even a proposal if you are not married yet, but living with your partner. On the other way the Eclipse may stimulate you to see all the aspects regarding your business partner, what you like and what you don’t like about him/her. Remember that, the eclipse is a brilliant illuminator, revealing a truth about a condition that you never knew existed. This could be the time when you may meet a new partner, or you may have news regarding your partnerships. On this area of life you may have new perspectives, changes, or you may just change the perception of your partner, understanding the importance to have someone special.

    All in all, please note that this Eclipse will not affect everyone, and for this reason once again remember that its’ very important to know your natal chart. Also, during this September 1 2016, when the Solar Eclipse will occur will be many other planets in aspect to each other.

    However, generally speaking, the news we will receive during and after the Eclipses it may have a sudden form. Everything might be very rapidly and clearly. In the end, don’t forget the Universe will open to us new possibilities in order for us to evolve and to progress in our life. Additionally, the Eclipse will like from us to look always forward.

    Next eclipse will be the Lunar Eclipse, on September 16 2016, in Pisces 24’20”

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