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  • In terms of aspects, globally, March 22nd and 23rd, even the 24th could be the hardest days of the month (Mars will conjunct Pluto / same degree). It’s true, this conjunction occurs every two years, but the platform of this year it’s very different and delicate considering the Pluto and Saturn conjunction. It seems like going forward Mars conducts the energy created between Pluto and Saturn. (Next time when Mars will conjunct Pluto, in the same degree will be on March 2022).

    Mars symbolizes the primal survival instinct, aggression. Mars is the significance of the immune system, which “fights” illness. It rules the blood and muscles, the head and it’s associated with fever).

    Those days, March 22nd, 23rd represent the culmination point of this “aggressive virus” (Pluto conjunct Mars). Around these days there will likely be intense pressure, unhappy news, and violence, in terms of people/death. After these days, the intensity of this situation might gradually slow down.

    Additionally, on March 22nd, Saturn enters Aquarius, which might refer to “a hard lesson to humanity,” an unusual “Human test.” Aquarius is known as an unusual sign while Saturn is about authority, separation and death. Then, a New Moon will occur on March 24th, in Aries/ Mars’s sign.

    New initiatives by leaders could take place.  Also Sun will enter in Mars’s sign Aries. In other words, Mars’s energy will conduct us during the second part of March, and in one word it will be about “survival.”

    Symbolically, Mars’s energy will empower us with courage and creative energy in the last part of March. Nevertheless, Mars might stimulate our driving force and fighting spirit, so it may emphasize our ability to fight no matter what.  Additionally, Sun in Aries will stimulate our energy and vitality. Perhaps we could hear about many cases of recovery or methods of treatment.

    Stay safe!

    In May, last year I wrote an article about this period of time, an article that has been published by AFA. If you hadn’t yet, you can read it here.

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