About Me

Welcome to my personal page. I was always fascinated with the truth in a higher form. For this reason I have studied at the Faculty of Law in Bucharest, Romania. Getting a bachelor’s degree in law made me realize, among other things, that world’s laws don’t always work in synchronicity with people’s life principles. It looks like the type of truth I was looking for has deep roots in philosophy; hence Kant became one of my favorite philosophers. Going back in time, exploring old books, helped me discover how many historical personalities have used astrology in their works, which made me fascinated with the subject.

Over the years I‘ve read best sellers about astrology and analyzed natal charts for thousand of people. I was hungry to discover more and more unique individualities, and for a short time I have written and analyzed daily natal charts for a Romanian newspaper, in order to have access to more birth information for my research. In other words, maybe I was skeptical and want to explore the subject, and see if astrology does really work. When I was convinced of it, I was already enrolled in one of the best astrological institutions and studying intensely with tutors. Since then I have been learning and practicing constantly while also doing a lot of research in this field. Over time I also became a research member of the American Federation of Astrologers.

For my readings I use Western Astrology, Tropical / Equal House. Over time I developed a deep understanding on how general astrology works and how much it can help each individual to discover his or her deep roots. I am passionate to research the world manifestations, and to become a great Mundane Astrologer. Nevertheless, I realized that the Astrology could be very useful in the field of criminology. Regarding this subject, in 2011 I have won a national competition opened by American Federation of Astrologers in US, conducted by astrologer Dave Campbell, the author of the one of the best Forensic Astrology book ever released: “Solving Crime with Astrology”. I take astrology very seriously and analyze each chart carefully. I believe that each person has the ability to build her/his own destiny and, if you know your inner abilities early in life, you could achieve your life’s goals much earlier.


Maria Stiopei