This article was first published in April 2022, by the AFA (American Federation of Astrologers), in their magazine, Today’s Astrologer – volume 84 – Number 4

The world appears to be on fire. It seems like the Earth is “screaming” for human resolution. As with any circumstance, to get a solution we must identify the problem. This is how “the lava of the unhappy circumstances” appears, hot and dangerous. Something must die for something else to be reborn; the circle of life. In fact, Pluto, the greatest regenerator of the World, will switch the sign on March 24th, 2023; when it enters Aquarius.

Aquarius is the land of humanity, society, high intellect, inventions, eccentricity, individuality to the point of developing “uniqueness” that could later serve others. So, Pluto will do his “investigation” activating on Uranus’s land -Aquarius for many years. Symbolically, it could cut everything that is not in the human interest such as corruption, corrupt organizations, leaders that are not acting in people’s interest. The old form of society could die very slowly, in order to make way for new rules, structures, and high organizations that could serve humanity better. Also, individual empowerment could be triggered during Pluto transiting through the Aquarius sign. As we already know, planets never work alone.

Before Pluto switches the sign, the owner of Aquarius’s land – Uranus -will prepare its area of influence, cleaning up, like we would our place before an important visitor comes over. Everyone has different techniques to do the cleaning process. Uranus, despite others, is well known for “unusual ways”. Therefore, we don’t have to be surprised if some unusual-big events in the World appear before Pluto enters Aquarius. It seems to brush up the “dirty” things, the ugly surface that we humans marked the land. It might awaken humanity.

On the other hand, Uranus has to do his “uncommon daily job” through the Taurus sign (earth/ fix sign) associated with “land”.

There are real stories in human history that occurred when Uranus transits the Taurus sign. More than that, I have noticed that 11 degrees seem to be important as well. However, I didn’t discover why. It could be because Aquarius is the 11th sign of the horoscope? However, somehow the 11 degree seems to activate rebel cooperation and a decision for a drastic “world shake”.

When Putin attacked Ukraine on Feb 24th, 2022, Uranus was at 11 ˚23” Taurus.

The last time when Uranus reached 11˚Taurus was on May 26th, 1937. Uranus was in direct motion, and he was in this degree 11˚ until June 13th, 1937.

Then, he moved in retrograde motion and reached 11˚ Taurus on October 28th, 1937; stayed in the same 11˚ until Nov 20th, 1937.

Then Uranus moved directly and reached 11˚ Taurus from 15th March 1938 – April 4th, 1938.

As we know, many disturbing events have happened during that time.

What happened in 1937?

Crisis and War in Europe, 1937 to 1940

Hitler Takes Austria. “At the end of 1937, Austria’s authoritarian conservative government found Germany conspiring with National Socialists inside its borders. Hitler was planning the unification (Anschluss) of Germany and Austria, and his pretext was the prevention of a Habsburg restoration“. He was afraid that the Austrians would choose independence. German troops massed on the Austrian border. Also, the government was making life harder still for Jews.

History seems to repeat itself once again. Putin attacked Ukraine. He was enraged. He did not like the fact that NATO has troops in Europe close to Russia. He wants Ukraine to be a “neutral country”. He could not accept that Ukraine might become part of NATO. He is not comfortable with the idea that NATO could be at his border.

In this case, it will be very interesting to see Putin’s natal chart and transits chart /when Russia attacks Ukraine

First of all, Saturn in transit (4th) triggered Putin’s natal Nodal Axis (conjunct NN and opposite NS in 10th; NS conjunct MC, Pluto. The nodal axis forms an important third axis in the birth chart after ASC-DSC and IC/MC, it’s called the ‘Path of Destiny.’ Putin seems to have in his psych habits in terms of how to be a powerful leader, even if his country might require some upgrades without being an imputed old form of traditions (Leo NS/ Aquarius NN). Moreover, he likely dreamed of becoming successful in his own country from an early age (4th/10th).

So, transit Saturn comes exactly over Putin’s NN, the same orb (18˚Aquarius), in the 4th house /home (house ruled by Uranus). In many cases, especially in a president’s case, the 4th house is associated with his own country, with the land.

Usually, a transit planet conjunct the natal North Node, brings new elements, to be improved and used as a tool for future actions. In Putin’s case, Saturn seems to bring “fear” elements, which seems to have constrained him in his own country/ home. He does not seem open to put himself in unusual situations and makes efforts to learn new ways of behaving. However, his Saturn in transit could act as an objective mediator between his own values (Venus in 1st) and what others required him to change drastically (Uranus transiting his 7th house). As we already know, Putin did not impute the mature form of his soul, he chose to respond negatively, to bring fear, darkness to the masses, even to his own country’s people (4th). Moreover, for many Ukrainian people, the attack was a shocking, unexpected decision. They did not believe that Putin could do that to them.

Anyway, for astrologers, this could be not a surprise at all, knowing the symbolism of Uranus (the witness of Taurus Solar Eclipse that is opposite to his natal Venus, which is the ruler of the natal Sun).

Nevertheless, transit Saturn squares natal Jupiter (7th) three times during 2022: at the beginning of March, middle of September, and at the end of November. Also, transit Saturn opposite natal MC three times: on the last part of March, middle of Aug, and middle of December. Moreover, transit Saturn will be opposite to natal Pluto in April, beginning of August, and at the beginning of January 2023.

The American Ephemeris of 21 century is the book that never lies. It can function very well without news, without words, it could give us the most reasonable answers, only if we mastered the symbolism and researched enough history to understand the probabilities of the aspects. No matter who you are, how powerful you are, how well you hide or have hidden your actions, in astrology everyone becomes transparent, to the point of understanding the inner landscape, even the feelings of that person. I have analyzed previously many president’s charts, and I thought that Putin is a rational, equilibrated president. However, the distance between who we are as a seed and who we become could be reflected in the package of transits, progress, solar arc, lunations. How hard the outside circumstances hit us and how well we have learned to stand up again.

At this time, we can follow just Putin’s transits and understand the impulse of his actions. Despite other aspects, Uranus seems to have a big role here.

Going forward, there are voices that mentioned that some Russian documents were found in Ukraine, inside of a Russian tank; papers that show when the decision to attack Ukraine was made. January 18th, 2022 was the day. What is very interesting is that exactly on that day Uranus, the planet that brings unpredictable and massive changes, moved directly (10˚49” Taurus), popularly as a green light for drastic changes. According to astrologer H.S. Green the planet Uranus “seems to stand for people who exercise power and authority in the country”. Do Russians work with astrologers? Then, just one day before, on January 17th, 2022 was a full Moon in Cancer (27˚5”), the sign associated with national security. This Full Moon fell over the cusp of the Ukraine 7th house. This could indicate that foreign affairs could be disturbed. It could show the maximum point of partner scandals (diplomatic relationships in a country chart).

Looking at the transits over Putin’s natal chart we can see that at the beginning of February 2022 Mars transited over his natal Chiron (3rd) suggesting that “outside actions”, news (3rd) from the neighboring country might have reactivated some old-mature “wounds” that he seems to have had for a long time. He could have had deep thoughts, old knowledge in terms of Ukraine for so many years (Pluto transiting the 3rd house). It could transform his way of conversation; he could talk about this topic obsessively. However, he could suffer to the point of transformation. Pluto through a house did let us die inside slowly, it’s about outside circumstances that are not in our control.

Going forward, another important role in activating the “war in Ukraine” is transit Uranus opposite his natal Venus (Scorpio 1st; Venus is the ruler of his Sun). The last hit was at the beginning of March, emphasizing a rigid tension between him and others, what he wants as values and what changes others want from him. This is fixed opposition, showing difficulty to adopt new ways, especially suggested by others. He seems pessimistic to allocate time for negotiations, but determined and persistent in his rebel action at the extreme (Uranus in Taurus / 7th).

More than that, the Solar Eclipse (10˚Taurus) that occurs on April 30th, 2022, conjunct tr Uranus. This blended energy falls over Putin’s 7th house. Also, this Solar Eclipse opposite his natal Venus (1st). (Please see the Solar Eclipse Chart over Putin’s chart at the end of this article).

The Solar Eclipse usually offers us an opportunity to “see” better what was not seen in time; we were not able to see without the bright light.  However, being opposite Putin’s natal Venus, the influences could be more difficult. What he can “see” now in his partners, is “shock” and in total opposition to his concept of values. However, Venus rules Taurus, the sign of the Eclipse, so he might want to drive his partners, negotiations, in his manner, based on his rules, so others must follow him not vice versa.

On the other hand, he could have offered loyalty to his partners during the time (Taurus 7th), and most likely he expected to receive it back. In this sense, there seems to be an unpredictable break between him and so many other partners. At the same time, he could receive support from people that he never thought about. Foreign affairs could become complicated and troublesome, enmity, rivalry, emphasizing disagreement.

Also, he seems to take unpredictable actions towards his allies; popularly “divorcing” from others. Uranus is the closest witness of the April Solar Eclipse, being in Taurus (14˚31”). Uranus absorbs the Eclipse’s light, and continues his journey to the same area, Putin’s 7th house for some time. So, Uranus might bring clues to understanding Putin’s diplomatic relationships, actions towards others. Uranus is shock, unexpected, innovation, eruption, could be an explosion, too. Uranus is not predictable; so, Putin is not acting like Putin usually did. He could shock everyone who knows him. Additionally, his tolerance breaks as well as some of his very trusted relationships. (Uranus through Taurus, 7th).

Nevertheless, this Eclipse is in the first fixed sign Taurus, generally suggesting that they are more lasting in their effect, but “in some cases act very suddenly, unexpectedly and violently, that might cause disasters, sickness, and epidemic, increased death rate” (H.S. Green). On the other hand, this eclipse is in Earth sign Taurus, suggesting injuring the products and fruits of the earth, the business world could be disturbed trade and agriculture might suffer, as well as financial problems might arise. This Taurus Solar Eclipse conjunct Uranus could emphasize sudden changes in terms of everything that symbolizes land, food, stability, loyalty.

Additionally, just two days before the April Solar Eclipse, on April 28th, 2022, Pluto turns retrograde (28˚35” Capricorn) symbolically suggesting that some important “hidden secret things” are still undiscovered and must be looked back and bring them to the surface.

Going forward, I would like to mention that on August 1st, 2022, transit Mars and transit Uranus are meeting in the same orb-18˚ Taurus. Also, both tr Mars and tr Uranus will conjunct Putin’s natal Jupiter in the 7th house. Moreover, both: tr Mars and tr Uranus will square the natal Nodal Axis, which is in a fixed modality. These aspects could relate to a “karmic story in action”, emphasizing sudden upsends, surprising incident. It might indicate some loss associated with the 10th house, such as public appreciation, title, while NN could triangulate some unusual events in his home country. The North Node usually represents the deeper purpose over the course of our lifetime, while the South Node is associated with our personal history along with the existences, our past life if you believe in it.

As a final note, Putin could act unpredictable, totally in contrast with his morality, or his life values. Again, if he has shown tolerance and calm in taking some decisions, at this time he seems not to have tolerance anymore. He could shock even the partners who could bring the most benefits to him. On the other hand, Mars is associated with war, violence, accidences, while Uranus is also associated with eruption, explosion, innovation, and new technology. Robert Hand describes Mars conjunct Uranus “a sudden desire to assert your freedom, to kick away all limitations and break free. Energy seems to burst out all over the place and in surprising form.”.

Both planets mentioned will conjunct Putin natal Jupiter, symbolically could bring changes to a large scale, whoever he might decide to do.

Additionally, in the second part of April, tr Chiron will be opposite the natal Sun. This seems to be not a good time for his health, for vitality, or to heal his wounds.

Despite all the above, Putin may not have an easy time around May 15th, 2023

The nodal axis will tringle his ASC and DSC. The South Node is that arrow that shows where we can lose things, while the NN shows where we might start new things. Putin could end one circle.

All in all, until Pluto will enter Aquarius (March 24th, 2023) there could be so many events emphasized by Uranus. Uranus was brought up to the surface, even by the April Solar Eclipse, for us to understand that astrology works even if the majority ignore it.

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