The Correlation Between Astrology and Criminology

It’s hard for me to understand the reasons why the meticulous astrological equations are not used regularly in criminology nowadays, to enunciate the correlation between astrology and criminology . Many assumptions exist about this subject but, despite this, the astrology doesn’t have a full function in our society, or the astrology reputation it’s far to be finalized. In a few words, I can say that the astrology may be that key which can open any mysterious door; it’s that tool that helps you understand the most introverted character. Even if you haven’t seen that person, even if you haven’t talked with that person, you will be able to understand the trajectory of his/her life.

Taking in consideration the above, I would like to explore in this short article the correlation between Astrology and Criminology. For now I will outline just some general ideas about this subject but, because of its complexity, I will add other elements in other articles that can demonstrate this connection between Criminology and Astrology.

Criminology is a somewhat a familiar subject for me as I studied Criminology and Criminal Psychology at the Faculty of Law. On the other hand, I have been studying astrology for more than 10 years. While Criminologists use words a certain way to indicate relationships between causes and effects, professional astrologers are focused on the individual root and its manifestation during the life time.

Generally, behind every project, every creation, there is an initiator and his/her motivation. Just the same, behind of any crime, there is a human character, with a motivation to do something. Therefore, the human character will describe the danger of his/her action. However, the astrology report lets us know how far someone may go to materialize his/her intentions. In other words ,if a person isn’t born to do something, than he/she will likely not be able to do that type of thing well. Sooner or later, after several attempts, he/she will fall. It’s like a talent, if you have a specific talent and you will grow it slowly, for sure you will have a different result than someone who doesn’t have this type of abilities.

Moreover, the Astrology gives us the necessary keys that can provide additional information regarding the character of human beings, his/her capabilities, his/her life’s priorities and how he/she will try to achieve his/her goals. Furthermore, the astrology can provide important information, such as the time when he/she may climax in his intentions. In other words, the Astrology can show us the time that ability is used in full effect. In addition, the Astrology can help us find other information such as if the criminal is helped (or stimulated) by something, either a person or an institution; or if the intention is an individual plan or a group’s plan.

However, given the above, the unfavorable context can’t be an excuse for someone who committed crime. The analyses can provide other information, as for instance some people have the passion to live high risk situations. We call this adrenaline.

Nevertheless, if fingerprints show the identity of someone who touched things, than every human face shows what we have seen during the life time, even if we have participated as witnesses, or even more we have been involved in that action. Therefore, the human face could be the first door, which may open the human character. Always, there is a least one key, which I have associated with the face mole.

In conclusion, respecting strictly the astrological principles, the “astrological report” can provide important clues or even define the suspects, if there is already a case.
In the end, all those who commit crimes have something in common. These similarities can be seen on the “criminal face” by every eye, with the condition to have minimal astrology knowledge. About all these “face signs” classification, I will write in the (my) following articles.

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