IC in The Natal Chart

The IC in the natal chart is an important aspect that needs to be carefully considered in every chart analysis. As we already know in astrology, IC (Immun Coeli) is one of the four angles that we must take in consideration when we analyze any natal chart. Also, the IC is the point that forms the second principal axis in any natal chart (IC-MC). There are several reasons why we should pay attention to this astrological indicator. One of the reasons is that IC shows the root of our unique being, what we are like deep inside. Another reason is that IC shows the individual abilities, which may reflect from personal history, life experience and which may need to be express during the time. Finally, one of the most important reasons, IC shows the road of our life, or in other words, it starts the axis (IC-MC) of our life’s direction; showing the source of our potency and power in the world. All in all, it makes a point from where we have come to where we wish to arrive during our lifetime.

Despite what our parents expect from us to achieve in life, despite our education or environment, everyone may have the own drive and speed to know when will be the best time to arrive at the final destination. To understand the full function of the IC, we need to examine carefully from the natal chart, the IC ‘s location (sign & house) and the IC ‘s aspects (major & minor), which made with the natal planets. Moreover, always I like to analyze the IC in the transit report, especially if there is a close orb with one of the outer planets or social planet. It seems more interesting to analyze the closer planet in aspect with IC, rather than see the sign’s house. The sign will blend the color of the influence since the closer planet will cover through it influence the individual base. In an abstract way, I can say, it will extend or limit the way, depending on other aspects. Also will make this person be in a specific way for a determinate time, depending on what planet will interact with IC.

As we already know, many people have in the natal chart the axis IC-MC in the 4th -10th house; others have it in the 3rd -9th house, and not very often could be in the 2nd-8th house.
Sometimes the life vision of some individual could be different from his/her parents & environment. Possible not to be the same career, not the same form of living as a family or not the same life’s priorities. There may be a controversy between parents and children. On the other hand, this person may want to be in charge with his/her destiny, create it the way he/she wants, without taking any influence from the parental house. In this case, the astrologer will recognize the ax IC-MC located in the 3rd -9th house. The early education of this person, his/her siblings, teachers or colleagues may have had influenced him/her to dream far, pushing him/her to the philosophic world, where the knowledge could be the principal (priority) tool to open an own path.
However, I chose to give you an example of the axis IC-MC in the 3rd-9th house, because I find it interesting, especially the way that these entities develop in their lifetime. Even more, they seem to have the courage to follow their own beliefs, to choose priorities in life-based on how it develops as spiritual and intellectual beings, not necessarily as public figures or to attract the prestige. In another way, perhaps these people will attract unique situations, and will not forget to place the life meanings on the trajectory of their life. As a consequence, they may increase or even extend their philosophy regarding life on Earth.

On the other hand, from my research, I have seen how these people, with the axis IC-MC in the 3rd-9th, know how to develop and their life beliefs will uplift regularly their existence. Most of them seem to find the way how to get improvement, between the meaning of the 3rd and 9th house. For instance, education (3rd)- long-distance travel (9th); mental processes (3rd)- meaning (9th); information (3rd)belief system(9th); neighbours (3rd)- foreign cultures (9th); short journeys (3rd)- religions (9th).

Likewise, when we analyze the sign where is the IC in the natal chart, we may additionally need to take in consideration what sign has full function in that natal chart, and what sign has a minor role in that natal chart. Perhaps it could be an important clue, which may show the shade, of our life intention. Despite IC sign, any natal planet in close conjunction with IC may be like a life guide. The more we will be away from this guide, the more we will lose its positive influences. In contrast with this, the person who has natal planet conj with IC will have periodically “time evaluation.” For instance, when the IC planet will close one cycle, being in transit, will make conjunction with IC again.

As we already know any natal chart has a planet ruler, with quiet, powerful influence. In spite of this, some people have a bonus, which is the natal planet in close conjunction with IC. So, as a result, not only the chart ruler gives a specific color for this person energy, the “IC planet’” will accentuate the quality and the life speed. The life responsibility of this person may increase gradually. Even if there is not a bright idea, he/she may have that feeling to grow in the way to with the principles of the 9th house.
Abstractly, “IC Planet” is a seed of wisdom that was born along with the entity. This person will have bonus energy, for any beginning, particular if the new initiative has something to do with the learning system, communication (IC – 3rd). For instance, natal Jupiter in conjunction with IC would give this person a strong intuitive Jupiter nature during life. This could bring inner confidence, expansion, an optimist. He/she may have a special connection with religions, diplomatic people or even teachers. We can have countless examples here for various reasons, such as the number of planets or a large number of astrological configurations.
Finally, I think that the end of the IC axis has something powerful to show especially if there is a natal planet in conjunction with IC. I mean the MC location and MC aspects will have in same way stronger principles and perhaps superior manifestation than IC planet. Here it could be a progressive or open opportunity in case if, at the end of IC axis, a superior planet than IC planet will transit the MC in close orb. For instance, if the natal Jupiter conjunct IC, then pay attention for the date or time, when a transiting planet like Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, will become a significant aspect in close orb with the MC. This could be an opportunity, which may deal with everything that it’s relating to the individual’s goal, vocation or life path.
To summarize it, the transit through IC and MC will evaluate even the individual “base” or the individual life progress.

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