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  • ID-10025165An interesting observation from my personal research is The human evolution based on the Solar System. The main indicator in this case is the presence of the retrograde planets in the natal chart. Each natal chart is linked to three groups of planets: personal, social and universal planets.

    The Sun’s sign characterizes us. The first major thing that we do after birth is talking. We know that Mercury is the first planet from the Sun in the Solar System. So for that time we are under Mercury influence, which seems to be minor and personal.

    After the accumulation of this first (Mercury‘s) lesson, we go to the next level, where we encounter personal affection and love. At this time we are under the Venus influence. Here we choose our toys, animals, and games. We feel love, attachment; we interact with parents, grandparents, and brothers. All this happens at a personal level.

    After the accumulation of the second lesson, we go to the 3rd one, which is little bit aggressive, causing us to develop impulses and intentions, acting in our own personal ways. Mars, who encourages us to have courage around others, influences this behavior.

    The next one is Jupiter, which teaches us to believe, to be diplomatic and spiritual and to choose education in our life, to understand more, to grow and know better. It seems to be the ‘benefactor’ level helping us to understand our meaning of life, and move on to the next level of evolution. At this point we are getting ready for the test of Saturn. In this life stage we are already mature.

    Under Saturn influence we have a better understanding of the early part of our life meaning (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter). Here we learn how to have disruption and connect at a group level, where personal things and social relationship serve us as tools, only to progress our level of evolution. Even if things will change, close people will disappear from our lives , we still have to keep going and understand our real meaning in life. We need to acknowledge the new changes, to accept and to learn how to live with them.

    If we fail to make or to accept new changes, they will be forced upon us under the influence of Uranus, the next level. We need to share our knowledge and love others free of benefits. Our energy and impulse should be for the group not for personal growth, only. We need to appreciate our blessings and willingly share them with other people. In other words we are supposed to be more altruistic, more considerate and to show compassion toward others. Uranus changes our self-meaning, force us to leave behind all life tools, making us rebels, with new life ways, as not all of us willingly make changes. We stay under Uranus influence until our mind can connect to a higher intelligence.

    The next level is Neptune. Under its influence we look for our intuitions, because if we pass all personal and social lessons, we should receive a big gift from Universe. Intuition, perception and capacity to see other type of things are the most ideal gifts for anyone. After this influence we dream a lot and we are ready to have big transformations. This lesson sends us to Pluto.

    Under Pluto’s lesson we understand our spirit and we are ready to eliminate interior obsessions, accumulations over time. We disrupted from this World and our spirit is free, ready and pure to start a new beginning.
    In my view the retrograde planets from the natal chart show the lesson where the person is stuck in this life. This makes me understand what type of capacity that person has in understanding spiritual things in life. If the person doesn’t have retrograde planets in the natal chart, it is another challenge for me to find out what energy this person is under. I wrote this considering that we have continuity from other lives (several life cycles).

    I found people with many retrograde planets, full of abilities, but lost in disillusions, only because the life gave them too much and they did not find in time the meaning of it.

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