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  • The Four Elements in the Natal Chart of Criminals

    One of the best ways to understand human beings, even when the birth time is not known, is to analyze the four elements (earth, water, fire, air) of their natal chart as well as the Nodal Axis. These elements are defining the base of the human character. They will also develop concerning that person’s environment. Therefore, it’s important to understand what kind of seed someone has, where that person develops, what he/she may learn and where may be headed in life. It’s like a seed planted in a good or not a very productive soil.
    Most people have a slight imbalance among elements. Some people have a missing element in their natal chart, and as a result one of the other elements may become more dominant in their natal chart.
    To better understand the importance of the elements mentioned above I analyzed in this article some examples from recent criminals cases in the USA: Jodi Arias, Ariel Castro, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. All these people have committed premeditated crimes. Also, each of them acted differently, except for the two brothers. They have something in common, but their environment is different. As a result, they have acted differently.
    First of all, let’s take a look at the elements in their natal charts.

    Jodi Ariasjodiarias

    As you can see the Earth Element has a dominant function, while the Fire element is weak. She seems to be efficient and practical. It seems to be easy for her to finalize material things. In contrast, she does not seem to understand very well the concept of power, authority, and force, even the concept of life. Fire element has an inferior function. Usually, people do things the easy way, to get what they don’t have and they desperately need it.
    In contrast with those, her life principles will stay connected to her feelings. Those seem to give her a hard time during life. Without a doubt, she may not understand the invasion of her feelings, such a detachment, disruption, dependence of attachment. Water element is strong in her natal chart. Therefore, she may feel she was a victim, too, and other abused her feelings during her lifetime.

    Ariel Castroarielcastro

    Ariel Castro natal chart shows a predominance of the water element. This indicates high sensitivity and elevation through feelings. Usually, people with dominant element water are masters in understanding and controlling their emotions. Also, they have good intuition, good perception of things surrounding them.

    Moreover, they can easily manipulate others, and they may show compassion. Castro’s emotional system seems to be uncontrolled. The disruption between his feelings and his actions could have had place a very long time ago. Despite his broken emotional system, he may feel an interior pressure to share his emotions with others. However, because he seems to be emotionally abusive others may reject him. Also, his inclination for music was not a coincidence. However, what he was able to share was not what people wanted from him, and as a result, he forced others to perceive what he felt like an urgent need to eliminate.

    All in all, he was dependent on feelings and attachment. He may have kept captive the girls for his emotional security. Fire element is weak in his chart, and the only way to have authority was to use his practical abilities, covered by his broken emotional system.

    Tamerlan Tsarnaevtamerlantnarsaev

    In this chart the water element is dominant. This shows a very sensitive person, highly intuitive, who may have grown in an environment where he was burnt emotionally. It was hard for him to disconnect from his past. Air element is strong enough in his chart, determining him to think and to develop ideas. The air element could have stimulated his flexibility to move and to take on new situations, environment, but the water element accelerated the urge to share his emotions accumulate during the time. In other words, there was some contradiction between his feelings and his ideas. Therefore, the water element and air element have defined the way he ultimately acted. Also, he seems to have had in his nature the power of authority, the power of fight. However, he was not practical; it wasn’t easy for him to finalize material things. As a result, I am pretty sure he had many other ideas that were not materialized at the time of his death. He had inferior function in Earth element, which would’ve implied very hard work in order to achieve plans. In other words, he may fail in his actions, being interrupted, being killed. Also, the air element shows intelligence, which accentuated his ability to perceive things uniquely. However, it would not be able easy for him to materialize his ideas if he was not helped by another person, which has in the natal chart Earth element as a good function, or dominant element.
    Down you can see his brother’s chart. Then you can understand the good compatibility between these two, to achieve such a negative plan.

    Dzhokhar TsarnaevDTsarnaev

    Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has the majority of planets in Earth Element. Therefore he is good in practical technics, efficient, knowing better how to get things done. What he has in his nature, his brother did not have. However, even if he was good at creating those material things, he did not have authority in front of his older brother. Fire element is missing, and this could give us a clue how confused he could have been in connection with authority. He seems to have talented hands but unfortunately used them with a bad intention.

    The 4 examples above have something in common. They all have a strong water element in their charts. It’s good to remember, people with a broken emotional system will develop their feelings in the most negative way.
    Also, from these examples, 3 people are still alive while one of them is dead. The person dead is the person that has a weak earth element in his natal chart.
    To better understand the ways these people manifested, we will need to analyze those houses where there are inferior elements. Also, it’s good to examine the planets that fall in the weak element, if there are any. These planets may link to the person’s temptations.
    FBI has on their suspect’s list a lot of people. I think will be better for their research to analyze these people’s character, not their personality only. The only way to go deep inside of one character is to use astrology’s technics.
    It’s almost impossible for someone to finalize a plan if they don’t have in character that type of energy if they don’t have a kind of ability for a specific action. It’s absolutely necessary to find out in time the intention and the methods of developing that intention. The fact will be never materialized if the intention will be stopped in time. For better results, the transits can be checked to understand which transit will activate the natal planet.

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