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  • stephen paddok astrology chartAmerican gunman and mass murderer who committed the 2017 Las Vegas Strip shooting. He fired with automatic weapons into a crowd of some 22,000 concertgoers at a country music festival on the Las Vegas Strip on 1 October 2017.

    DOB: April 9 1953, Des Moines, Iowa, USA (source: astro-databank)

    Shortly after the shocking massacre from Las Vegas in 2017 I became curious to analyze Stephan Paddock’s natal chart, trying to comprehend his inner world and see how his outer manifestation has changed over time, slowly taking him in the direction of deep hatred towards others.

    I expected to find in his natal chart strong elements that would’ve pointed to some possible reasoning behind his atrocious actions. Moreover, I expected to find strong earth elements since he prepared everything with such meticulously and well-calculated manner. Nevertheless, I even expected to find missing fire elements, just like in the charts of other criminals. Such missing elements would’ve indicated that he likely wanted to show power and authority in his own sense and definition.

    Natal Chart

    Stephen Paddok natal chart

    In general his natal chart shows that he liked to support and nurture others. This likely gave him a way of self-expression. Also, in general, relationships with other people may have played an important role throughout his life as they could’ve set up eventual new beginnings for him. Moreover, he may have been be sensitive to the feelings of his partner, even if often he may have became moody, inflexible or detached. His life partners may have aided him to extend in some way his limits and emotions, perhaps helping him to become emotionally detached from others.

    However, Stephan Paddock was likely inflexible, especially when it came to his habits, actions, and belief system. Also, it seems that he liked routines and handled pressure very well. Moreover, the natal chart shows a natural capability to organize things, to initiate, to instigate and to inspire others. He could’ve easily adopted thoughts, ideas, but it seems like he was stubborn and had a well-defined way to do things.

    He was born under Waning Phase/ Last Quarter Moon Type (Moon from 90˚-45˚ degree behind the Sun). Those born with the Moon 90° to 45° behind the Sun believe in definite systems of thought and institutions. Also, he likely had good timing, knowing when it’s best time to act. Nevertheless, those born during the more ‘mature’ waning period of the Moon are said to be fundamentally objective, oriented towards passing on their experience to others, or sowing the seeds for the future.

    As a general view, Paddock’s natal chart is quite well balanced and at a first look nothing seems to emphasize a reason for his violent actions. Hence, based on the Astrology general report, his character did not show missing elements that could’ve determined him to act the way he did.

    Despite this, looking deeply into his natal astrological configurations we can easy spot several pattern aspects: Fixed T-Square, Cardinal T-squares, Yod, Minor Grand Trine and Mystic Rectangle; in some of them we have the same planets involved, symbolically emphasizing the way he perceived the outside world and the way he manifested his intentions. If we deeply analyze each of them and watch when the transits pass through those important points, we will understand when and how the outside world has influenced and disturbed his inner pace.

    However, the planning behind his mass crime did not happen over night, so for this reason it is required to analyze in details at least the last year of his life.

    As I have found in many cases the last year of any criminal highlights at some point the “seed” or the “root” of his/her violent actions. Practically, it unfolds the criminal’s deep secrets. We can have a clue of what he’ has been thru in the recent period of time and how those exterior circumstances may have affected him. I have analyzed Stephan Paddock’s last year of life from 4 different astrological methods that I will explain briefly down here in this article. Also, I have included the chart required for each method. 

    Solar Return

    stephen paddok solar return chart

    The Solar Return usually highlights the inner quality of the year; therefore it’s a very important method that must be taken into consideration. As a general view of the Solar Return chart, we can see that Paddock has Scorpio Ascendant showing an intense and wary outlook for the 2017 period. During this year there was an intense sense of self-expression and image, rich emotions, reconnection with old elements and rebirth of old memories. It was a time of self-projecting with dignity but very private. Moreover, the Solar Chart indicates that he may have surrounded himself with trusted allies that he was likely loyal to.

    Then, the rulers of the chart Mars and Pluto, together with the Moon are part of a very important pattern aspect called the Earth Grand Trine, involving the 2nd 6th and 10th houses, respectively money, everyday routine and public manifestation. Symbolically, around these points he could’ve centered his life during year 2017. However, this pattern aspect indicates a high degree of harmony, enjoyment and contentment. So what started around April 9th 2017 he did with passion, with precision and loyalty. The ease of how the three planetary principles involved (Pluto, Mars and Moon) can be brought together may also produce a natural talent that enables a high degree of achievement with a relatively low degree of effort.

    More then that, the Solar Return Chart shows another two pattern aspects: a mutual T-Square and a cardinal T-Square. Both configurations emphasize issues and inner tensions around self-expression, public manifestation and money. (Moon opposite Venus, both squares Saturn, involving the 10th– 5th and 2nd houses. Also, Jupiter opposite Uranus, both squares Pluto, involving 11th – 5th and 2nd houses).

    Then, the Solar Return Chart has MC in Virgo showing meticulous planning and attention to detail in relation with his public image and the way he pursued his life goals. His public manifestation during 2017 has been expressed through practical or craft-base work.

    Going forward the Solar Chart shows some conflict in terms of feelings and emotions between his meticulous habits and life partner (lover), also between his public and private life, his memories and his intimate relationships. However, the chart shows several aspects that may indicate a hard time to deal with restrictions, time, especially limits that could come from the financial zone, such as financial obligations. This could affect the relationship with his life partner or with other people from his public life (Saturn square both Moon and Venus).

    stephen paddok natal chart inner wheel

    What is very interesting is that, if we will place the Solar Return Chart over the Natal Chart, we will see that Uranus falls over his natal Venus. This indicates a major change during 2017 that may come suddenly in connection with his lover, associates, changes that could break some old patterns. Also, Pluto falls over his natal Chiron, which is conjunct Descendent (wounds, injuries to others, death and total transformation).

    Secondary Progressions

    stephen paddok secondary progressions 

    Secondary Progressions as well as the Solar Return feel more personally and at a deeper level, offering details about the inner landscape, indicating more psychological changes, that may or may be not obvious to others. Therefore, an analysis of Stephan Paddock’s progressions should shed some light on his deeper inner processes and motivation during 2017 and may bring us closer to an area of expansion and psychological change.

    First of all, the natal Ascendant has changed by progression, as well as the chart ruler. So, the Ascendant is in Leo and the chart rulers – Sun is located in the last degree of the 11th house, while being conjunct the cusp of the 12th house. So this year was the beginning of a new stage in his personal development.

    Nevertheless, the progressed inner planets Moon, Mercury and Mars are also in the 12th house for several years, emphasizing the zone of his preoccupations.

    This is a very interesting Sun location, because the 11th house is associated with plans in connection to others, group ideals, even international friends, while the 12th house is associated with secrets, activities behind the scenes, hidden places, the desire to retreat or escape. I will mention here that his natal Sun is located in the 9th house, which is the house of belief system, philosophy of life, politics, others cultures and law. So it seems like he had a natural interest in what was going on in the world. Even if he did not show it, he may have been preoccupied with the world social movements. Hence, this year 2017 emphasized a period with hidden activities, and activities in connection to others. Moreover, the year of 2017 emphasizes a long period of issues related with secret activities, accelerating things, with people from his secret inner circle deeply influencing him. Therefore, he may have been part of some idealistic group, where he could’ve had a central position. Also, he may have been part of some secret organization, sharing hidden ideas about stability, authority, power and world that could’ve deeply affected him. In the same sense some type of secret activities in what he was involved may have offered him an important status, role and high loyalty. So it seems he recharged his energy from mysterious places or activities, from mysterious sources in general.

    All in all, the progression confirms that he could’ve change the way he felt and saw the World. So he may have changed the perception about people in general, too.

    Additionally, during the last period of his life he could’ve became more reclusive. It’s seems that Stephan Paddock has began a project that required great attention and freedom from distraction and interruption. Nevertheless he felt weaker than usual and his life goals seemed to be degrading or become unclear.

    Transits (April 1st – Oct 1st 2017)

    stephen paddok transits The transits show that a new skill was required to adopt in order to redefine him or to regenerate the idea about life and death in general. However, in the same time he could’ve activated his subconscious; the way he connected emotionally with others, perhaps the way he nurtured and protect them, (especially his mother). In other words he could’ve unfolded elements from his past; perhaps reopened his deep memories related to relationships (tr. North Node conjunct natal Pluto and tr. South Node conjunct natal Moon, emphasizing the 1st and 7th house).

    The transit chart shows that starting with the middle of March 2016 he may have enhanced his higher mind and started to gradually change his life principles and belief system (including religious and politic views), his perception about other countries, his philosophical world view, higher education and law. Uranus has transited his 9th house over his natal Sun. Very often Uranus brings unwanted major changes. Symbolically, Uranus in the 9th house is the enemy of rigid ways of seeing the world; so certain circumstances may also occur and he could feel that he cannot fit into the old boundaries. So, this transit could require some adjustment. However he could’ve been attracted to a new way of thinking, which may have allowed him to have more freedom.

    Therefore his individuality may have been affected by some external events. Since he could’ve also acted unusual in public, he may have been forced to make a sudden change, in a different, unusual way. Nevertheless, the changes he may have taken could’ve contradicted his national identity, even his early life principles, structures of his country, principles or rules (law) (Uranus during his transits opposite natal Saturn, 4th house).

    Starting with middle of June 2016 it seems like he was forced to make many changes. However, the changes he may have made during this time seem to be in contradiction with his big ideals and the principles from earlier in his life. So his life structures seem to have been more than ever challenged. He may have gone back and forth with new ideas, some that with eventually bring changes. However, starting with April 2017 he may have reconnected again with these elements or people, contributing directly to his identity change, his attitude towards life and his role in public life. What is interesting is that later on, in late April 2017 and beginning of March he could’ve started to have a distant attitude in relationships, especially with his life partner (Uranus transiting his natal Venus). At this time Uranus was transiting his 10th house, which could indicate the possibility of his reputation and status in world of being changed as well. This may represent a reason to break free.

    Additionally, transiting Uranus opposites his natal Neptune, which may indicate confusion in terms of religion, spirituality and system of ideals. So this aspect may indicate sudden changes in his big ideals, and probability to become involved with people out of touch with reality, even people who use drugs, alcohol. It would be very interesting to see if he has met someone from his very early environment (neighbor, schoolmate, cousins) during this time.

    Solar Arc Directions

     stephen paddok Solar Arc Directions

    Here we can observe direct Pluto in conjunction with his natal Saturn indicating a high potential for great difficulties and loss as well as oppressive dealings with others. A powerful external factor may have restricted his life and nevertheless determined him to change his life principles.

    Pluto shows control, over power, dark secrets while Saturn shows limits and strong principles, sometimes the end of the road or even a father figure. However, direct Pluto just enters in the 4th house, associated with parental house, home environment and even national identity (natal country). Therefore, some issues from childhood, especially relating with his father could reemerge during this time, and perhaps he began to comprehend their consequences in his life.

    More than that, direct Pluto conjunct his natal Neptune, which may have complicated his reality, his spirituality and his beliefs. In other words he may have felt an exterior pressure that could’ve pushed him to transform or reborn his ideology.

    Then, in the Solar Arc Direction, we can see that direct Chiron conjunct natal Mercury, in the 9th house. It’s possible that he had long distance travels especially in the last year and a half with the purpose to cure certain wounds that could come from others from early age.


    Additionally, despite all above, the Moon Phases have a very important role at emotional level, especially if a new or a full Moon will trigger a natal planet. Our needs could change and we may switch our priorities. In the last year, since April 2016 Steve Paddock had many natal planets triggered by a new Moon, a full Moon and even by a Lunar Eclipse. I will enumerate several days that could’ve had some particular impact on him (it could be on or around these days).

    – April 11th 2017

    – March 12th 2017

    – February 11th 2017

    – November 14th 2016

    – October 16th 2016

    – September 16th 2016

    – August 2nd 2016

    – July 4th 2016

    – May 6th 2016

    – April 7st 2016

    A plan and a general idea for the type of violent action he later committed may have taken shape around April 7st 2016, when the New Moon (18˚04”Aries) fell over his natal Sun (19˚32” Aries). He may have had an ambitious new beginning, an exciting and courageous plan of fighting.

    Then, on May 6th 2016 he could’ve had an opportunity, an open way through some sort of material security and loyalty. Or, he may have gotten some tools that could’ve offered him personal security and comfort (for instance: he may have earned an amount of money, purchase new arms, meet a loyal person or purchased a new home). The New Moon (16˚41” Taurus) from May 6th fell over his natal Mars (14˚56” Taurus) indicating some fast and precise actions that could’ve stimulated his personal interest.

    On July 4th 2016 he could’ve showed a new attitude. Suddenly he may have changed his habits and emotional manifestations. So, something from his environment, even a person he may have met, or an experience he went thru could bring a major emotional switch. He may have shown impulsivity and he could’ve become unpredictable. The New Moon (12˚54”Cancer) fell over his natal Uranus (14˚56”Cancer).

    Going forward, on or around August 2nd 2016 he may have reconnected with someone or something from his past. This could have deep meaning for him and in the same time could be in contradiction with his future life path. For instance, during this time he could’ve accessed a memory about his father or discovered some old aspects of his roots, family life, elements that may have had a strong impact on him in the past. The New Moon (10˚58” Leo) fell over his natal South Node (8˚50”), and also opposite his natal North Node (8˚50”).

    During or around September 16th 2016 it’s possible that he received some message that may have affected him in some way and changed his mood. He could’ve become overwhelmed. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (24˚20” Pisces) fell over his natal Mercury (22˚51”).

    On or around October 16th 2016 he could’ve had mature thoughts in association with his relationship, girlfriend or his values. Also, the emotions that he had around this time could emphasize difficulties in terms of his early environment, life principles, and even father figure. He could’ve acted promptly and courageous to finalize some things or drop some old hobbies. The Full Moon (23˚ 14” Aries) fell over his Venus (25˚ 21” Aries) and opposite his natal Saturn (24˚18” Libra).

    November 14th 2016Full Moon (22˚38” Taurus) fell over his natal Jupiter (23˚14 Taurus”). This could be the day of practical conclusion that could’ve opened for him some solid opportunities, a possibility to see and comprehend the world in another dimension, differently than before.

    One of the very important days, February 11th 2017The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (22˚28” Leo) fell over his natal Pluto (22˚55”). I believe that on or around this day, he may had experienced a very intense time. Also, because this Lunar Eclipse fell over his first house, he could’ve discovered deep elements about his character and he could’ve transformed very slowly his perception about life and what happens after death. At this time, he seemed to already contour the idea of “death”. He could’ve totally regenerated his ideas about power and authorities in the world he lived in. So, he could’ve had a profound personal experience, which may transformed his soul, resetting his identity in the world.

    March 12thThe Full Moon (22˚13” Virgo) opposite his natal Mercury, emphasizing some message, news in terms of long-distance travel, other countries, law; message that could’ve closed some of his beliefs or deals.

    April 11th 2017 The Full Moon (21˚ 33” Libra) fell over his natal Neptune (22˚36”Libra). This day may have brought confusion, even deception, and give continuity to some of his dreams. So, he seemed to have at this time a mature vision about what he wanted to do. Libra is the sign of collaboration, the sign of Venus, and in his natal chart Venus is retrograde, located in the 10th house. It’s about relationships, about love and affection, about public manifestation, about artistic zone.

    To conclude, he seemed to have opened wounds relating to others. Also, there are several astrological indicators that show confusion when he felt limits. Moreover, it’s possible he used alcohol or drugs, especially when his big dream seemed not to be well synchronized with his reality. What is very interesting is that his chart seems to indicate that his death may remain a mystery.


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