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  • Scarlett N.  What does it mean if you have Saturn in the 8th house?

    Answer: One planet, or one single aspect will never work alone. It must be integrated to the rest of the chart. Does It make aspects to other planets? Where is Capricorn in your natal chart? Moreover, to evaluate or to understand your actual situation you may need to see where is Saturn in transit.

    However, Saturn is the development of personal worth. Saturn represents self-discipline; structuring, putting things in order, limiting in order to obtain a concrete results, learning from experience and errors, the personal ‘harvest’, confrontation with the consequences of one’s actions.

    Because your Saturn is in the 8th house, automatically puts yourself in connection to others. What do you have to share with others? A good starting point for understanding the 8th is the idea of it representing what ‘we’ possess as the other side of the 2nd house ‘I’ possess. Traditionally governing other people’s money, taxes, inheritance, wills and legacies, banking, insurance and legal disputes all come within the remit of the 8th.

    Depends of your actual situation, I always see two sides of Saturn. Saturn can bring superior results if you have worked constantly during the time, or Saturn can bring limits, fears even separation if you have ignored some of your previous situation.

    All in all, Saturn is the realization that reward is a direct result of personal effort and responsibility. It is facing reality and accepting the burdens of duty.

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