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  • We all come in this world starting to grow and drive-thru life in various ways, alone or along with others; knowing well the direction or learn how to navigate; follow our path faster or slower; carefully focusing on the journey or just enjoying the surroundings, the people we meet and so on…

    Therefore all of us go on our way in life. Then, at some point, we may take a whole different direction, whether we want it or not. This may come at an unexpected time, changing completely our path, perhaps turning to a different direction, even if we may have no idea how to explore that new way. Although we don’t realize it, each one of us has at some point a set of questions, thoughts, and feelings that determine these changes in our lives. Many people around us would not understand why we might like to change some things since everything we have done up until that point brought us positive results, good reputation or great achievements. Then, perhaps you may feel misunderstood by others. Also, when people around you will not understand your desires, then it will be impossible for them to give advice which can correlate with your needs. Moreover will be hard for you to find in them the support you need.


    We all have a least one vocation during our life; in many cases can be two.

    Going forward, all those questions can be answered by a well-educated astrologer. The subject is wide and complex. Briefly, our true vocation, or “calling”, our highest aspirations and achievements are associated with our MC (Midheaven) in the natal chart. If you are not familiar with Midheaven you can find more details here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Midheaven.

    Generally speaking, it’s important to determine the sign, house, and aspects of the MC in the natal chart, but it’s not enough. In any analysis, it will be absolutely necessary to take into consideration the whole axis MC/IC, also in strong connection to the whole natal chart. Moreover, the MC from the natal chart, it’s a big clue, but not the only one. For a thorough analysis, we have to keep analyzing the progress of MC, the MC progress in Solar Arc, when the MC is changing the sign, the house.

    The MC/ IC axis describes our Personal Direction in Life; how we personally hope to attain achievement, honor, and recognition. Then what we have in our natal chart is our base. Therefore, it’s crucial to know our-self; four instances: our hobbies, our values, our intentions, our view of life, our expression. All those stable elements from the natal chart define us and will help us to go to our destination. Theoretically, we can not change anything from our natal chart, that individual picture is like “a unique project”, which is already drawn. Despite this, we are able to change the way we perceive things. In other words, we are able to create what we like, we are free to bring in our inner cycle what we need, in order to achieve our goals and to become fulfilled.

    Additionally, the MC from the Solar Return Chart will help us see our qualities for which we personally want to be admired and respected during that specific year; make us understand the connections we need to make, in order to be more visible in the social dimension. Also, the MC from Solar Return will evaluate our social movement until that year; of course in strong connection with MC from the natal chart. Moreover, it will determine us to adjust our expectations, to incorporate new elements, even force us to some new circumstances. There are many combinations and each chart is unique, as a result, it requires careful and deep analysis.

    Further, the type of job, career, vocation MC shows in the natal chart, may have an “expiration time”. That type of career or that social position will not wait forever for someone. If we will do nothing, we can’t wait for something huge. This would be an unrealistic expectation. Consequently, each individual needs to progress step by step, developing his/her creativity, incorporate in his/her daily life elements, which can stimulate the self-growth. This power will drive the person to achieve his/her purpose in life.

    Depending on which degree MC falls in the natal chart, it will determine around what year we may deal with the vocation change. As a result, the progression of MC shows the changing nature of our vocational direction, reflecting subtle inner shifts of purpose.

    Each time the progressed MC is activated, through its contacts to natal planets or through changes of sign or house, there is an opportunity for us to explore a different aspect of our social implication.

    All in all, the subject is very complex. However, if you have a specific question regarding this subject, don’t hesitate to contact me directly, or just leave a comment.

    In the end, if you like to read more about this subject, and if you have already some astrology knowledge I highly recommend Noel Tyl, especially this book: “Vocations: The New Midheaven Extension Process (Special Topics in Astrology Series)

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    Interview with Liz Greene about the Horoscope "Career and Vocation" http://www.astro.com/people/greene_int_e.htm


    The word "vocation" comes from a Latin root which means "to call", and it reflects the sense of an inner calling or meaningful task which must be accomplished in the world. Although vocation does not necessarily involve a recognized profession or the accruing of money, it needs to involve the heart in order for us to feel we have really found our place in life. It also needs to be manifested outwardly for us to feel we have achieved what we were put on earth for. For some, vocation might involve climbing to the top of one's profession; for others it might involve the quiet but equally committed act of raising a child, or making one;s garden beautiful. We all need some sense of vocation , whether it is expressed through a job or pursued quietly outside ordinary working life. Vocation may arise from inner inspiration, or it may evolve from external necessity, which drives us onto a path which we discover only later is absolutely the right one. Vocation is not about finding a job that makes money, it's about feeling that you're living a useful life by doing something that you love. You can then develop your aptitudes in service of that, rather than choosing a job simply to pay for the rent or the weekly groceries. Vocation really involves the whole chart. Traditionally, astrologers look at the 10th or 6th houses, or the sign at the MC. That doesn't really work. Vocation is about the whole person, and finding something that can satisfy as many parts of that whole person as possible". Source: "The Mythic Journey" Liz Green and Juliet Sharman -Burke