• October 5th – Full Moon (12˚ 43” Aries)
  • October 11th / 10th (depending of your location) – Jupiter enters in Scorpio. It will stay in Scorpio until Nov 9th 2018
  • October 14th – Venus enters in Libra
  • October 17th – Mercury enters in Scorpio
  • October 19th – New Moon (26˚ 35” Libra)
  • October 23rd / 22nd (depending of your location) – Sun enters in Scorpio
  • October 23rd / 22nd (depending of your location) – Mars enters in Libra
  • Additionally Uranus and Neptune will remain retrograde the entire month of October. Also, Saturn is transiting Sagittarius sign (22˚ 16.3” – 26˚ 2.8”). Nevertheless Pluto is continued its journeys through Capricorn sign (16˚ 51.2” – 17˚ 7.1”).

See if you have natal planets in or between those points (degrees). If you do, then you may experience the life differently, more intense then others.

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