• April 15th – Mercury goes direct (4˚46” Aries)
  • April 16th (GMT) / April 15th (USA) – New Moon (26˚02”Aries)
  • April 18th (GMT) – Saturn goes retrograde (9˚ 8.9”Capricorn). It will be retrograde until September 6th
  • April 20th (GMT) / April 19th (USA) – Sun enters in Taurus
  • April 22nd – Pluto goes retrograde (21˚17” Capricorn). It will be retrograde until October 2nd 2018
  • April 25th – Venus enters in Gemini
  • April 30th (GTS) / April 29th (USA) – Full Moon (9˚39” Scorpio)


  • Mars will remain in Capricorn the entire month (8˚19” – 23˚Capricorn)
  • Jupiter will remain retrograde in Scorpio the entire month (22˚23”- 19˚26”)
  • Uranus will continue its journey through Aries (27˚30.9” – 29˚9”)
  • Neptune will continue its journey through (14˚57”- 15˚50”)

See if you have natal planets in or between those points (degrees). If you do, then you may experience life differently, with more intensity then others.

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