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  • Difference between Astrological session and Psychotherapist

    An astrological session differs from a psychotherapist/counselor session. This because an astrologer may unfold deeper layers of that person, based on the natal chart/ five phases, factor keys, etc. As a result, every astrological report can be a very complex frame of work, which can put on the table a lot of useful information.

    Also, astrology offers numbers of keys, techniques, and valid tools to discover the origins, unique, even the potential. Theoretically, a well-prepared astrologer will be able to form true statements about the chart owners’ potentials. Moreover, Astrology suggests that there is a purposeful expression behind each moment, which may be explored using the birth chart and other important charts for events throughout life, like transits, progression, and solar art chart. Additionally, the astrologer may understand the synchronicity, the symbols of every planet movement in rapport with that person’s time deeply.

    By comparison, a psychotherapist or a counselor will be not able to offer such information, if he/she has not an astrologically trained. As a result, a session with a psychotherapist can differ significantly; it offers something else than the session with an astrologer.

    In some cases, a counselor may assist a person and can bring good results, but the effects may diminish in time if that person interrupts the psychotherapist sessions. In my opinion, without knowing the root and the real causes of a specific problem, it will be hard to delete it, ignore it, or emotionally detach from it. That problem might occur again when no one expects. A counselor’s work is an interpretation based on statistics/ tests, while the astrologer’s work, while also an analysis, is based on planetary symbols. These two are not the same, but they can be mix and match very well together.

    For instance, if a person will suffer from acne, it may be helpful if she/he will use a perfect facial cream. This may be a temporary solution to resolve that acne problem, and it may be beneficial for a long time. However, the root of that issue it will not be resolved and, when she/he will stop using that facial cream, the acne will appear again. It can be covered, but it can’t be great without an in-depth investigation.

    All in all, a psychotherapist or a counselor may assist a person, going in parallel with the reality of that person, while an astrologer may help a person in two ways, going in parallel with his/her existence and to the deeper part of that person (internal level or soul); thus connecting his/her needs to his/her abilities in order for that person to have a proper life function, and ultimately to show his/her origin, originality and uniqueness.

    All in all, astrology with its archetypal and its potential for exploring the core of the psychological dynamics and possibilities of the individual has a tremendously creative dimension that counseling doesn’t have.

    Additionally, I believe that superior results can be achieved if the psychotherapy techniques will be combined (linked) to the astrological methods.

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