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  • Birth Marks and Reincarnation

    Nowadays there are many sources that support the idea of reincarnation and, moreover, the link between birth marks and reincarnation. Some of stories posted on the Internet are likely to be true, others not so much. Despite this I found very interesting what Dr. Ian Stevenson affirmed regarding reincarnation. Since he has researched these probabilities over decades, his books have captivated my attention. For this reason, I have chosen to write about this subject.

    Dr. Ian Stevenson have analyzed many cases around the World, and he has pointed out that children at an early age (before starting school) could access memories from their past lives. When there is a case where the child starts talking about some previous life experience, the researchers will check whether that child has a significant birthmark or a birth defect that may be related with that event in some manner. I must mention that most of Dr. Stevenson cases have regarded children who experienced premature death in their previous life (like being killed) or those who suffered some sort of accident. For this reason, the researchers have been expecting to find a birthmark or birth defects on that particular part of the body.

    Nevertheless not everyone believes in reincarnation. Moreover some astrologers believe in reincarnation, while others don’t. However, in Astrology, the death process is classified under the influence of Saturn. On the other hand Saturn represents the lesson of detachment. Under this influence, we learn how to leave things behind, go alone, understand and integrate us into time. Therefore first years of every person life could represent the detachment of previous life. In same cases, people died with big wishes or unfinished lessons or projects. If someone was deep involved in something, then it’s possible to bring into the next life some of the old information. In fact, the human unconscious could be the memory of our soul.
    All in all, I was curious to know which astrology aspects may show this type of “child’, which remembered clearly the past life! I suspect to be Moon conjunct Saturn in close orb, or other Moon aspect especially in the 1st , 8th or even 12-th houses.

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