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    If there is knowledge, talent and passion the astrology has unbelievable answers and unlimited indicators.
    Every day I find countless logical astrological meanings to things I come across. Everything in nature, in this World, can be symbolically associated with an individual planet. For this reason, I believe that the movements and positions of celestial bodies directly influence life on Earth.


    Even if I knew all things in the world but I would have not respected the laws of Universe, I would be a regular person that would not appreciate my spirit.

    If I do not get implicated in work, to be able to confirm to my satisfaction that things are possible or exist,
    I will not believe easily what other people affirm. Today, if someone, regardless of what that person will bring
    as contrary arguments to what I already know very well, it does not bother me.
    I think everyone can choose his/her own method of evolution or self-expression.
    I choose to follow my thoughts and not be manipulated by others. The religion has good intentions for people who don’t have a clear direction in life or clear beliefs. I’m not satisfied with the answers that come from religion:”God knows “. In this case I considered it my duty to seek answers and don’t have limits or fears in my quest to find more about the life in general.

    I consider the life on Earth as a continuity and we are coming back in group of generations.
    Some of these people have the hard duty of helping their generations to adjust to the new changes by sacrificing
    even their own life, if necessary, to make a bridge between the old generation and the new generation.
    The bridge is the support for all human kinds who pass through life without responsibility.
    These people always complain that they are unlucky, they have no help, and they can’t do anything.
    The passivity and negativity in people’s life consume their own self-esteem and they cannot be in control of
    their own destiny. Those who live without being involved deeply in their existence don’t know who they are or where
    they go; they can only follow other people’s directions.
    The Universe has move continuously. Where evolution of life on the Earth could be with a passive attitude?

    My life favored me as it connected me with a lot of people with different backgrounds, cultures, and different social positions. I always paid attention to details, similarities, differences and attitudes.

    We still have much mystery in the world to discover and to understand our spirit continuity. Astrology doesn’t bring insult to any other science. No other sciences studies or develop the material body and the spirit energy. Many people continue to advocate and to deny their own spirit. Nobody should claim that we can live without the spirit.

    The wonderful things we have learned by reading or in school are the work of many generations,
    produced by an enthusiastic effort and infinite beliefs in every country of the world. What will our generations bring new for the next generations from the astrology point of view?
    Everything that the human race has done and thought is concerned with the satisfaction of felt needs.
    Feelings and desires are the motivated forces behind all human effort and human creations.

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