• Personalized Astrological Reports

  • Aries are the first, the most courageous candidates, prepared at any time to take on any interview or to face any competition. They seem to have not fears or disincentives. Their nature is masculine, and usually they are optimistic. If there were a one word to define them it would be ambition. The Aries personality wants to get ahead and lead others, and will tend to seek out excitement and danger in the way. Usually, they are full of energy; enthusiasm and they are self-motivated and decisive. They like to initiate things; they are passionate and could easily get impulsive, exposing their ideas directly. Aries tend to approach new circumstances naively, often unaware of potential dangers, rushing toward the area of interest and then, once bored, will be rushing on to the next. In term of projects, Aries seem most fascinated at the very beginning only to gradually lose their excitement. Aries are good in working alone. Their power seems to support their actions. They have an inner force that could push them to initiate anything they want to achieve. Nevertheless they seem to be full of energy and for this reason any competitive sport, even individual sport may be right for them. Aries often need external actions, to interact with the world around them, to operate spontaneous, creatively and passionately, and to instigate, to take control and also to have control. They do not like to be contradicted. If others may not agree with their ideas, they could become aggressive, even violent if things did not go in the way they like.

    Compatibility: They may like Scorpio, because they both work under the same boss -Mars. Despite this, they may not feel compatible with Libra, because Libra seems to have a total different personality, different life approach.However, Aries seem to have two best friends, in Leo and Sagittarius. All three like to fight for their rights. Nevertheless, Aries seems to have a very good relationship with Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. They all see the life from a similar angle, they like to initiate and be initiators. Also, they could have many interesting discussions about business, how to start things, how to nurture, cooperate and invest with others.

    Famous people with Sun in Aries: Vincent Van Gogh, Kera Kinghtley, Russell Crowe, Victoria Beckham, Celine Dion, Charlie Chaplin, Elton John, Lady Gaga, Leonardo da Vinci, Pope Benedict XVI, Thomas Jefferson, Maria Sharapova.