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  • On April 30th Saturn squares Chiron in a perfect orb (27˚). Saturn is retrograde in Sagittarius sign, while Chiron is transiting through Pisces sign. Time may test our spirit in order to release our superior form of existence, emphasizing our maturity and our discipline. So this day could be challenging for us, and we could go back in time to reanalyze some duties that we have missed, while we could reopen old wounds, that may awake our spirit. If you will be mature enough, you may feel compassioned and tempted to heal other souls, to serve others in general. In fact, each of us seems to have some abilities to support or to offer others “a piece of kindness”. In contrast, if you are not mature enough you could be tempted to separate yourself from what’s causing you pain; perhaps preferring to isolate yourself rather than confront the past. However, this astrological equation seems to be under Jupiter’s influence, and Jupiter is retrograde, in Libra sign (diplomacy, relationship). Even if Jupiter is the great benefactor, in the same time is a very fair judge. In other words, our time spent on earth and our spirit both could be evaluated by the greatest force. However, each of us is different and each of us may experience this aspect.

    Additionally, in order to understand the influence of Chiron, it’s absolutely necessary to understand symbolically the Saturn influence. This because, in Greek Mythology Chiron was a Centaur, son of Chronos (Saturn). Therefore, the roots of what cause us the inner pain, separation, will be very important to study. In other words, Saturn did not bring sufferance at all, if all the duties will be respected in time, and if there is discipline inside of the cycle.

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