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  • On 21st of April Venus will square Saturn retrograde, an aspect that may challenge our relationships, friendships especially the older ones. Our long time attachments could be tested and we could feel uneasy connecting with others. In some cases it may be difficult for us to access our long time investments or our values could be limited in some way. At the Universal level it may suggest money matters, loss of revenue, depreciation in value of stocks.

    However, on the same day, April 21st Mars will square North Node and also South Node, symbolically bringing stressful situations, conflicts between our past and future, what we have to let go and what we have to take with us in the future. So this aspect seems powerful because it may coordinate our actions during this day. We may want to go back, to analyze our time in connection to a specific person, a specific relationship, and in the same time we may like to move on, but we could realize that is not to easy to take the next step. However, I believe that our actions could move us forward, despite of any strict rules, obstacles that some people may encounter, even if it’s about a male figure, your boss, your older friend. Because Saturn is retrograde, symbolically we could feel more intense the discipline we may need to adopt in our life, in order to have a respectful relationship, and to develop a healthy and mature affection. All in all, even if we may feel alone, or not accepted in some social groups we could feel an impulse to cut off memories from our past, people, circumstances, everything that could not synchronize well with our time, maturity and life progress.

    Additionally, on April 21st Mercury being in retrograde motion will go back into Aries sign, and Mars will enter in Gemini sign, hence Mars and Mercury will be in a mutual reception, supporting each other’s actions. But Mercury is in retrograde motion and at the Universal level symbolically may open the possibility to reanalyze an old document, dispute, and argument with others, agreement, or contract. Some intellectual actions may be revised quickly, in order to be clarified.

    However, Sun just entered in Taurus sign, which emphasize stability and peace, putting the spotlight on quality things and cooperation. Nevertheless it may emphasize our indulgence, patience, loyalty and perseverance.


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