• Personalized Astrological Reports

  • On April 14th Sun will conjunct Uranus in a perfect degree of 24˚28” Aries (Mars’s sign). On this day, nothing seems to go as planned. This conjunction simple means unusual action and ideas, spontaneous initiations, a starting point of breaking the usual routine. This could be a powerful conjunction at a personal and universal level. First of all you could be highly aware of yourself, of your uniqueness. Then you could fight for your rights, and if your freedom is curtailed or denied you may have the courage to fight to regain it. Nevertheless, you could be intolerant of tradition, or other social limitations that seem to affect humanity, especially people of highly intellect. At a universal level, Uranus may bring surprises or some nation’s actions could surprise others. Uranus seems to stand for people who exercise power and authority in the country. On the other way Sun represents authority and at negative level emphasizes our ego. Uranus is associated by high technology, unusual things, even earthquakes, bombs, politics, humanity, social causes, high individual work towards society, rebel groups. Some nations, especially these under the influence of Uranus could be intolerant if anyone dares to restrain them in any way. This conjunction between Sun and Uranus occurs each year. Examples: it has occurred on April 9th 2016 (20˚Aries), on April 6th 2015 (16˚Aries), April 2nd 2014 (12˚ Aries = coincide with Chili Earthquake), March 28th 2013 (8˚ Aries), March 24th 2012 (4˚ Aries), March 21st 2011 (00˚32” Aries), March 17th 2010 (26˚ Pisces), etc. However, each day has a unique astrologic configuration, as a result there could be similarities but not necessary identical manifestations.

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