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    Andreas Lubitz Natal Chart Interpretation

    In the aftermath of the recent crash of the Germanwings Flight 9525, the French Alpes on March 24th Andreas Lubitz Natal Chart is worth being considered as ultimately he’s been identified as the one who caused this whole tragedy. The general aspects of his natal chart may help us understand what made him act in this unexpected way.

    As a first look at his chart is very interesting to note that the air element is missing. Also is interesting what kind of career he choose to pursue, to be in the air, even if theoretically he did not perceive very well this element.

    Having no planets in air element suggests that he may have struggled quite a lot with that element. Therefore, things might not flow naturally in relation to mental activities, as well as everything connected to information, communication, abstract ideas, logic.

    On the other hand, the fire element dominates the chart. Jupiter is in fire sign; also Mercury, Saturn, and Sun are in Sagittarius sign. Moreover, these 3 planets are part of Stellium. Symbolically, this aspect may have awakened his ambition in order to achieve his major obligations to society and to develop his goals. The drive may have been towards competition, philosophy, religions, travel and fighting for some cause.

    Then, Venus is the only planet in Earth element suggesting that things might not flow naturally in relation to practicalities, an organization of the simplest things of life, work, money, etc. He might not have had a particular ability in those areas and somehow struggled to manage them. Additionally, he may have perceived love and attachment differently. Symbolically, Venus was the key to accommodate him in the real world. In the men’s charts, we associate Venus with love.

    Going forward, even if we don’t have the correct time of birth, the chart shows many untenanted houses. His chart shows 2 emphasized houses, in one there is Fire Stellium, and in the other one there is strong and intense water conjunction (Pluto-Mars in Scorpio sign). Moreover, Jupiter supported directly the Stellium, and Jupiter is in Aries, Mars sign, suggesting that he wanted to initiate things especially when relating to his obligation, goals, ideas.

    Moreover, Jupiter ruled the Stellium which emphases his sense of idealism, the importance of the highest aspects of his life in contact with a social dimension. The chart shows expansion on many levels, optimism, and aspiration, tending to extend his philosophical (spiritual) view and going far with his goal. Despite this, the narrow conjunction between Saturn and Mercury, both part of the Stellium, shows heavy, even pessimistic thinking. Communication with others may become more significant, but also more difficult, limited. Moreover, Mercury rules the nervous system and could be associated with depression because of the natural tendency to be excessively concerned with serious and difficult subjects.

    Additionally, Chiron is opposite to this Stellium. Chiron represents the symbol of body and mind; persistently found to connect with healing, medicine, and teaching. Also, the Chiron configuration often describes what connects an individual with his or her inner suffering, and also offers a route to healing. But in Andreas Lubitz natal chart, Chiron opposed many planets, symbolically brought difficulties to adjust or balance his physical reality to his soul needs. This could represent another key associated with depression, and difficulty to heal.

    Andreas Lubitz North Node is in Pisces Sign. I would like to mention that the NN is representative of a deeper purpose over the course of our life, to grow and evolve, and find new directions, new paths. Also, in social and psychological terms, the Nodes seem to show contact with others and how we respond to them. In Andreas Lubitz chart NN is in Pisces, which symbolically directed him to learn to develop compassion and flexibility, to experience the essence of life and to flow through obstacles.

    Hence, Neptune rules the North Node. According to Rob Hand, “Neptune often has an ego-denying influence”, which may make him feel discouraged and unworthy. Also, Neptune symbolically may have led him to perform great acts of selflessness and self-martyrdom. It’s interesting to see that natal Neptune is in an earth sign, which shows the nature of his big dreams, perhaps to accommodate him in a practical world, in connection to others. However, Neptune is in Saturn’s sign, which may limit the possibility to extend his big ideal. On the other way, Neptune dissolves whatever Saturn builds, such as duty and responsibility, social service. Also, Neptune dissolves separateness and increases our sense of unity or oneness with others.

    Nevertheless, it will be very interesting to analyze the Progressions; they describe inner changes in attitude, which affect the way we relate to the outer world.

    I personally like to work with the Solar Arc Directions Chart, which tends to be more conscious; they describe the focus of our consciousness. Also, the Solar Arc Direction tends to describe where our consciousness is located at a particular time. To focus only on the major aspects, Andreas Lubitz Solar Arc, I found these aspects very powerful:

    Direct Moon conjunct Natal Saturn. I call this a cold conjunction, which could have activated his hidden past regarding feelings and innermost thoughts and probably become very changeable. Also, it could have activated a sense of guilt related to some past event. Even if this conjunction is in a mutable mode and theoretically offers the right amount of flexibility to move forward, in Andreas Lubitz case it may activate a sense of loneliness, isolation, even depression and a general sense of pessimism. Also, he may have had that feeling that he did not get support or assistance from anyone or anything. Relation with women was probably difficult since in Astrology the Moon signifies women. Actually, Direct Moon has activated the natal Stellium, perhaps reopening the whole frame of his memories.

    Direct Sun and Uranus conjunct natal Venus could indicate a period when he may have wanted to materialize his goal relating to his love. On the other way, he may have looked for new freedom and excitement through his relationship. Also, direct Uranus conjunct natal Venus may indicate an unpredictable change in the existing relationship. He could have had new ideas for his relationship that was completely different from anything he had experienced before.

    However, direct Chiron opposite natal Venus and this could represent a difficult time for healing, perhaps his body and mind required nurturing, security affection, and perhaps with exactly these elements he struggled. This is a cardinal opposition with direct Chiron in Cancer and natal Venus in Capricorn.

    Direct Jupiter opposite natal Mars. I have to remember that in Andreas’s natal Chart Jupiter is in Mars Sign, Aries. In the Solar Arc Chart, direct Jupiter is in Venus sign Taurus opposite natal Mars. It seems that this was the time when he wanted to do everything in a big way; perhaps he wanted to demonstrate his real courage. Also, perhaps he struggled to break away from restriction form.

    Additionally, in the natal chart, Stellium was in Jupiter sign Sagittarius, while in the Solar Arch chart Sellium is in Saturn’s sign. This may suggest the switch of his natural universe. He may bring to his mind new ideas about reality, which could have determined to change his life goal.

    Looking back on the natal chart, I have found with approximation a few important days from 2014. This could be relating to his duties, thoughts: 14 May 2014 and 13 June 2014 (or around these days). Did he get warnings at work, or did he get connected to some ideas, has some collapse?

    All in all, Andreas Lubitz natal chart emphasizes his view about the world, his career, his social influence, thoughts, obligations, goals, and dreams. Unfortunately, he has chosen a career that I believe it was not the perfect match for him. Perhaps this confused him the most.

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