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    Once you understand the basics of your birth chart interpretation, you can use the same technique on your Solar Return chart. So you have a different Solar Return chart every year. The technique of using planetary returns is very old. Nowadays, in practice, astrologers rarely use anything other than solar returns, which have become a standard forecasting tool. Despite this, some astrologers may use “Lunar Return” as a way of focusing on the monthly emotional section if they are working closely with a client over some time.

    A planetary return occurs when a planet, after traveling through all 12 signs of the zodiac, returns once again to the exact degree, minute and second of arc which it occupied at the moment of birth. For instance, the Sun will return to its exact natal position in the chart once a year while the Moon will do the same once a month. A Mercury return is experienced about once every 10-11 months, Venus about every 11 months, Mars every two years, Jupiter returns only after 11.86 years and Saturn only after 29.5 years. As we can see, most of us will experience many solar returns and many returns of Mercury, Venus, and Mars. On the other hand, we will experience a limited number of Chiron return, and possibly one Uranus return.

    The return chart is set for the precise moment that the Sun returns to the degree, minute and second of arc that it occupies in the natal chart. This moment may not always coincide exactly with the birth date and may fall on one of the days either side of it. Please pay attention in case if you need to relocate the place, or maybe you may need to rectify the time. Also, I have found that many astrologers use the coordinates for the location at which the individual is living at the time of the return. However, the standard procedure is to use the coordinates of the place in which the person is usually domiciled or permanently moved at the time of the solar return.

    When working with return charts, it is essential to keep in mind that they are temporary charts, but still very important for the coming year. Tendencies and potentialities, indicated by the natal birth chart, become focused themes for the endurance of the period covered in the return chart. Moreover, all return charts are interpreted similarly as a natal chart while keeping a primary focus on the house position of the planet experiencing the return, the house it rules and the aspects it is making to other return planets. Furthermore, all planetary returns to the natal position represent the completion of one full cycle and the beginning of a new cycle for that particular planet.

    All in all, the angles, the Sun’s complex, the chart ruler and the tightest aspects and aspect patterns represent an important keys role in the return charts, which may have the most significant influence on the individual.

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