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  • Aeryn:  “I have just one planet in Earth element, Venus, and I always struggle with money, also I do struggle to get things done. What is your perception on this?”


    Answer: The presence of Venus as the only planet in Earth element may suggest that you may understand different the meaning of reality. Despite of this, you seem to know your real values, also appreciating the value of things you interact daily with.

    However, having only one planet in Earth element suggests that you may struggle quite a lot with saving money, getting things done, and everything relating to the Earth element. Therefore, things might not flow naturally in relation to practicalities, organization of the simplest things of life, work, money, etc. You might not have a particular ability with that and somehow struggle to manage these areas.

    In contrast, if you don’t have many planets in earth element that mean you have strongly emphasized another element.

    To summarize, Venus is the key planet in your chart, which symbolically may help you to open material opportunities. In fact,  it’s the planet that can link you to the real world.

    Additionally, many rich people have inferior function of Earth Element, for instance Bill Gates, etc.

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