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  • Lidija B. (Serbia) My question is about my job, when I’m gonna find it, and should my job be somewhere abroad, and which countries it would be? Thank you!

    First of all, you seem to be an action oriented person with managerial capabilities and the ability to get results. You may sometimes push too hard for your ideal. Your chart shows that you are an expert in your chosen field, enjoy verifying through experimentation, and have perhaps a practical inventiveness. However, you may have a tendency towards over rationalization, excessive skepticism and criticism, and lack of emotional responsiveness.

    Despite those things, you seem to have an intense need for recognition in your work. Your ability to dig deep is brought to your professional life, and you may attract some transformation situation at work (crises), even you may have that temptation to change your path of career, profession in order to explore the large world, eventually to travel and work aboard. Actually your chart shows your needs to have an adventurous career, which can give you more flexibility to apply your knowledge.

    This year you can go back and forth regarding your profession. Eventually you may shift the path of your career. You may opt for something else. In  March you may have an opportunity which can help you to grow financially. However from April to late June you may activate your emotional energy, thinking or even dealing with some old unresolved situation. As result, you can have an opportunity to eliminate the intensity, the pressure in association to your career. Additionally you seem to have a difficult time to let go.

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