Relationship Between Two People (Synastry)



First, I will briefly analyze both charts separately, extracting the factor keys and the most important major aspects for each of them. Then, I will go into the in-depth compatibility details, emphasizing both characters and exploring their personality from different perspectives. Hence, the report will show each one’s formula of personal progress, including the emotional approach to life, stability, attachment, communication, and attitude towards love, affection, the power of creativity and what he/she may bring positive into the partner life. Nevertheless, this report will show the values of each partner and if they have or not common ideals, dedication and perseverance. The report will contain 5-7 pages, and you will receive the pictures of both charts and also the picture of Synastry (bi-wheel).

What you will receive:

You will receive the report based on both natal charts; about 5-7 pages.

Also, you will receive the pictures of the natal charts for both individuals as well as the synastry chart & synastry grid aspects.

Information required

Your name and partner name (first name or nickname / gender)

Date of birth for both of you– please spell the date to avoid confusion with foreign dating systems, City and country of birth (examples: June 1st, 1980, New York, USA, 10:54 AM)

Time of birth for both individuals and if this was AM or PM. Time of birth is crucial. However, if the time of birth is unknown, 12 Noon will be used, although for greater accuracy I will highly recommend the time of birth. If I use noon as a time of reference, the information will be less accurate. Also, your ascendant probably will not be the correct one. Please mention in the email if you don’t know the correct time of birth.


Please note that the waiting time is up to 10 business days for this report.

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