• Personalized Astrological Reports

  • Taurus is beautiful, sensual, feminine, having artistic figure, even artistic qualities. Others will like to have them around. Their face could be expressive, and their body could walk graciously. In other words, they are shinny, lovely and usually admired by others. Despite this, they are practical in every step they move, having realistic dreams. However, because they like to follow a set of routines, they do not like to initiate things, or to change frequently elements from their life. Usually, they come in a place where they may have to stabilize things, as they seem to have a lot of patience. Hence, Taurus seems to intuit the fundamental values of being alive. Their approach to life is much slower and carefully considered. Moreover, they like to feel life from their comfort zone, security and eventually luxurious place. Their private space, even house means a lot for them, and there must be peace, harmony and a atmosphere full of love. A selective music will set up their daily rhythm, and a good perfume will energize their spirit. Sometime they may feel the need to be productive and to see the actual results of their productivity. They could see life through objects, material progress, even if their inner asks for unlimited love. They are the best friend anyone can wish for, and if you won their sympathy they can become your loyal friend forever. Taurus is extremely affectionate, and sometime Taurus may become possessive, jealous, and even stubborn.

    Compatibility: They like Libra, because both of them have something in common, they both work under Venus values and principals. There are like a sibling, promoting peace, love and harmony. Despite this, they are not compatible with Scorpio, because Scorpio seems to have a different life approach. However, there can be a physical attraction between them. Then, Taurus seems to have two best friends in Virgo and Capricorn. All three are practical and like to see the life from a material angle. Nevertheless, Taurus seems to have a good relationship with Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. They all seem to be confortable in their own zone, and may not like to start new things easily. Also, they could have many interesting discussions about resistance, how to persist in life and how important loyalty is.

    Famous people with Sun in Taurus: Queen Elizabeth II , Bono, Kelly Clarkson, David Beckham, Enrique Iglesias, Adele, William Shakespeare, Jocovice