• Personalized Astrological Reports

  • Scorpio is the most profound and passionate sign from the Zodiac with the ability to rise above the physical world. Scorpio needs to feel a lot of sensitivity in order to get involved emotionally. It’s a very secretive and mysterious sign. Scorpio has a capacity for regeneration, deep emotional sensitivity and insight. Moreover, Scorpio is perseverant and usually never gives up. Actually it’s very difficult for Scorpio to be flexible. Scorpio rather likes to go back, to reanalyze memories, emotions, and feelings, than to be open to explore something new. They are confortable with the things that they already dominate and control. Hence, is a very dominating sign, willing to sacrifice anything to achieve to its goals. Theoretically, Scorpio is very good in reconstructing crime scenes. Also, Scorpio is a very private sign, insightful, powerful, introverted, jealous, and even secretive.

    Compatibility: Scorpio theoretically could have a good relationship with Aries, because they both have something in common, they both work under the same boss Mars. Despite this, he may not feel compatible with Taurus, because Taurus seems to have a different personality, different life approach. However, Scorpio seems to have two best friends in Cancer and Pisces. All three seem to have the same frequency, where their feelings are a channeled through what they feel and understand the life, and the world around. Hence, they all see life from a similar angle. Nevertheless, they all navigate to their destination in different ways than other people, because their have to do it by water. Hence, they have to swim through life. Then, the only help to keep them awake is to use their intuition. In Scorpio’s case, the passion may push them to resist. Nevertheless, Scorpio seems to have a good compatibility in terms of stability and persistent with Taurus, Leo and Aquarius. All of them are steadfast and loyal.

    Famous people with Sun in Scorpio: John Adams, Chistiaan Barnard, Joseph Biden, Daniel Boone, Milton Bradley, Charles Bronson, Johnny Carson, Ciara, Sasha Cohen, Nadia Comaneci, Michael Crichton, Marie Curie, Leonardo DiCaprio, Richard Dreyfuss, Lou Ferrigno, James Garfield, Bill Gates, Ryan Gosling, Billy Graham, Warren G. Hardig, Aaron Hernandez, Bob Hoskins, Jimmy Kimmel, King Charles I, King Edward Vll, Calvin Klein, Marie Antoinette.