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  • Pisces is the last sign from the Zodiac. Therefore Pisces close one big cycle. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why people in Pisces are highly compassionate and devoted to others. Despite their sensitivity, Pisces is receptive and can easily connect to other people’s feelings; actually, Pisces tend to absorb their pain. Also, Pisces seems to understand any type of emotion, but they have an imagination, which helps them escape from life’s limitations. Pisces is flexible and likes to serve others. However, Pisces may need often to find a space to recharge their batteries. Pisces is a very spiritual sign, having faith, and even his own formula to reach and stay connected to God, Universe. Some Pisces may have psychic abilities or at least clear dreams. Despite this, Pisces can become oversensitive, sometime passive or indecisive. Moreover, Pisces are popular in their social circles and try to be a genuine friend to everyone. There is a strongly romantic, artistic and idealistic aspect to Pisces. Additionally Pisces may feel the need to allow their intuition to guide them.

    Compatibility: They may like Scorpio, because they have something in common, as they both work under the same “boss” Mars. Despite this, they may not feel compatible with Virgo, because Virgo seems to have different life approach. However, Pisces seem to have two best friends in Cancer and Scorpio. All three seems to have the same frequency, where their feelings are a channel through which they feel and understand life and the world around them. Hence, they all see the life from a similar angle. Nevertheless, they all three walk through their destination in a total different way than other people, because their have to “navigate” through water. Hence, they have to “swim” through life. Nevertheless, in terms of flexibility, Pisces seems to have a good relationship with Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius. They see life from a similar angle in terms of changing things, because they like to have variety in their life.

    Famous people with Sun in Pisces: Alexander Graham Bell, Justin Bieber, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Reggie Bush, Frederic Chopin, Grover Cleveland, Nat King Cole, Gordon Cooper, Daniel Craig, Bryan Cranston, Wyatt Earp, Albert Einstein, Horton Foote, Yuri Gagarin, Jackie Gleason, Mikhail Gorbachev, George Harrison, Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr, Sam Houston, Ron Howard, L. Ron Hubbard, Victor Hugo