• Personalized Astrological Reports

  • Everything in life starts with you. You take the first breath, you have to walk the first step, and you have to pronounce the first word and so on. Knowing yourself from inside out, it may open total different perspectives, and you may become the vehicle of your life, and nevertheless, you could understand your role in this World. But before navigating through life you may want to have your original map, to know what way you have to take in order to recognize your life’s vocation and reach your desired destination.

    For this reason, it may be beneficial for you to know your innate abilities, your ability to see and comprehend the outside world, to understand your astrological profile. Hence you could learn what makes you happy and what may bring fears. You could find out who you are, what kind of creativity you care with you daily and what is the destination of your life. Pealing off layer-by-layer of your persona from an astrological perspective may help you reach your soul, and when you connect with it, you could fill up your life, your existence. You are not alone anymore, because you are a part of the World with a specific role to fill it. Nobody can do your job better than yourself. Nevertheless, you will understand the meaning of others in your life, and the most critical sections of your life, including family & lover relationship, financial, communication with others, career, vocation, etc.

    All in all, every astrological report can be a very elaborate frame of work, which can put on the table a lot of useful information. My reports will cover in detail your astrological configurations, offering you possibilities to discover your roots and your life direction.

    The most important part of my work is collecting knowledge from astrology, history, and philosophy, in order to fully integrate and comprehend my client's story, and nevertheless to provide and deliver to my clients the “best piece of their life map.”

    I genuinely believe that I can provide you many useful ideas, aspects and deep elements about your life, which you could unfold during years to come.