• Personalized Astrological Reports

  • Nowadays, money and career seem to have a significant role in our society. In some cases, it may define you as a person. However, to be successful, to have a good career and financial independence, it’s best to discover your uniqueness, your potential in terms of self-expression or public affirmation.

    Many people have taken on such a journey, sometimes ignoring other aspects of their life. But what happens when you have put all your energy into your professional life, and you fail for various reasons? What may occur when you lose all your money because of a bad investment, or lousy administration? You could lose your hope and self-esteem, become confused and lose yourself in bad vices. Sometimes people work in an unfit environment, doing a job that not fulfills them, and consequently, they end up not being happy. A career or a profession is an essential tool of self-expression, but it not always defines who you are, or the best of what you can achieve. Therefore a successful career doesn’t necessarily mean you found your life vocation.

    If you are not happy with the results of your career, professional life, job, money, investments, or if you have yet to discover the professional field that makes you happy it’s a good idea to know your Astrological Report, more specifically the Career, Money & Life Vocation report that I offer. In this report, you could find out elements in terms of your personal growth, personal abilities, and public expression. Also, in this report you will see in detail in what zone you may find your life vocation, what are your inner abilities, from where your support is coming and what may motivate you to achieve your life goal and to succeed professionally.

    All in all, the result of the report may help you connect with your inner abilities, opening various new perspectives. The report is made based on your birth information, and all the words are supported by the astrological configuration of your natal chart. The report will contain 4-5 pages.