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  • They are sensitive, feminine, supportive and imaginative, having abilities to initiate and follow their plan. They may have emotion in their voice, and sometimes their voice may be shy. They tend to be passive in conversations and in their actions, rather then be active. Hence, they seem to understand very well others through their emotion. They need love shown to them often, because without it, they may harbor insecurity. Their biggest fear is rejection. Therefore, what they need the most is to feel protected, nurtured, supported, and to feel emotional connected to others. In their environment they could be very dedicated, nurturing, caring, offering others just what they need. Cancer likes to stay connected to their home, especially to their mother. Also, very often they may think about their past, revising their memories and family roots. As a result, sometimes they may become moody, melancholic, having the temptation to reconnect and relive once more their old attachments. Nevertheless, Cancer may use their intuitive faculties to get closer to others. The verb for Cancer is: “I Feel”

    Compatibility: They may feel alone sometimes, because they don’t have brothers or sisters, astrologically speaking. They may not feel confortable or compatible with Capricorn, because Capricorn seems to have total different personality, different life approach. However, Cancer seems to have two best friends in Scorpio and Pisces. All three seem to have the same frequency. Hence, they all see life from a similar angle. Nevertheless, all three are walking to their destination in a total different way than other people, because their have to navigate by water. Hence, they have to “swim” through life. In contrast, Cancer comes from a family that like to generate energy, to initiate things and to become initiators. Hence their “cousins “are Aries, Libra and Capricorn.

    Famous people with Sun in Cancer: Nelson Mandela, Tom Hanks, John Quincy Adams, J.J. Abrams, Pamela Anderson, Dan Aykroyd, P.T. Barnum, Kristen Bell, Milton Berle, Lizzie Borden, Mark Burnett, Gary Busey, George W. Bush, Calvin Coolidge, Tom Cruise, John Cusak, Dalai Lama, Larry David, Diana Princess of Wales, Vin Diesel.