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  • Each baby comes into this world being full of joy and self-expression. They carry their own baggage full of talents and abilities, and they have to find their own way to express their creativity. However, if these unique qualities are not discovered early in life or parents may fail to recognize them, kids may lose their chance to become the best of what they can be in life. Hence, with their guidance, the parents could involuntarily “condemn” their little ones to an unhappy life.

    Forward, it’s likely that the personality of the parents is different than one of their children. Consequently, their life’s journey will be different. They will see life from different perspectives, and likely the parents may not understand their children in the best possible ways to maximize their potential. This can also cause the children to feel misunderstood and refuse to cooperate with their parent’s guidance.

    Children can grow up this way, with you not being able to support their needs fully, their dreams, their minds. It’s essential to understand that each little one came into this life to do something meaningful and there were meant to exist for a reason.

    I believe that it’s crucial to know at a very early age the layers of your children’s personality; what they need to adequately assist them during their life journey, without influencing them in the wrong direction, thus making them separate from their soul, their instinctual power. All in all, if the parent will help the child to discover his uniqueness, the role as a parent will be much easier. Nevertheless, the parent will happily assist how their kids will exercise their inner abilities and better understanding their manifestation.