• Personalized Astrological Reports

  • Aquarius is the most eccentric, unique, rebel and humanitarian sign from the Zodiac. Hence, people in Aquarius tend to be unconventional, thus unusual things will attract them. Their work ethic is related to social causes, group benefits. They tend to break the limits of society. They know how to work independently, detached from others. However, there is also often a side of originality and inventiveness that needs to find room to grow. Hence, Aquarius may function fully being integrated or being part of some group. They may have a distant attitude, despite their social orientation. Also, they are rational and impersonal. They may like to have a routine in some way or at least they may feel confortable living and working in the same place or environment. Therefore they are inflexible, steadfast, and loyal to people and things. Then, Aquarius likes to know and be informed about society from where they belong, showing interest towards social or humanitarian commentaries and discussions. Also, Aquarius is all about networking, high technology, and connecting things to each other while being part of something larger than him. All in all, Aquarius is not comfortable in a career that involves confined spaces, they have social inclination, but he may need to find out some formula to grow individually, in order to show their uniqueness. Additionally, they may feel the need to obtain new knowledge and to activate their higher mind, eccentric view in order to break down old ideas, the conservative life structures.

    Compatibility: Aquarius may have a good relationship to Capricorn because both of them have something in common, as they both work under the same “boss” Saturn. Despite this, they may not feel compatible with Leo, because Leo seems to have different life approach. However, Aquarius seems to have two best friends in Gemini and Libra. All three are impersonal, detached and see things from an abstract angles. Nevertheless, when it comes about stability and loyalty, Aquarius seems to have a good relationship with Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio. Also, they could have many interesting discussions how to persist, how to show resistance.

    Famous people with Sun in Aquarius: Oprah Winfrey, Hank Aaron, Ethan Allen, Franklin Roosevelt , Jennifer Aniston, Susan B. Anthony, Michael Bloomberg, Sonny Bono, LeVar Burton, Lewis Carroll, Charles Darwin, James Dean, Oscar DeLaHoya, Charles Dickens, Thomas Edison, Clark Gable, Galileo, Wayne Gretzky, Gene Hackman, William Henry Harrison, Paris Hilton, Jimmy Hoffa, Michael Jordan.